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Best Circular Saw Blade To Cut Vinyl
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1IRWIN Tools MARATHON Vinyl Siding Circular Saw Blade9.8View On Amazon
2Malco VCB1 7-1/4-Inch Vinyl Siding and Fencing Cutting Circular Saw Blade9.6View On Amazon
3Mini Circular Saw, TECCPO 4.8Amp Compact Circular Saw9.6View On Amazon
4IRWIN Tools MARATHON Carbide Cordless Circular Saw Blade9.2View On Amazon
5IVY Classic 35056 Swift Cut 10" 200 Tooth Aluminum & Plastic Cutting Circular Saw Blade with 5/8" Arbor9.2View On Amazon
6WORX WX081L 4V ZipSnip Cordless Electric Scissors9.2View On Amazon
7DEWALT 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade for Paneling/Vinyl8.6View On Amazon
8Circular Saw, HYCHIKA 6.2A Electric Mini Circular Saw8.6View On Amazon
9Diablo by Freud D0641X Finishing Saw Blade8.4View On Amazon
10Diablo D1080N Non-Ferrous Metal & Plastic Cutting Saw Blade8.2View On Amazon

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Considerations for someone buying a circular saw

Types of Circular Saws

Circular saws come in two distinctive styles: sidewinders and worm-drive. There are also circular saws that might be worth considering when shopping for your circular saw.


The sidewinder is a well-known saw style with an elongated handle and a long blade on the right side of the handle.

Saws with a worm-drive mechanism are heavy and difficult to maneuver. The blade speed is faster on sidewinders, a tool best for home users since it helps them save time and money.

Worm Drive

Saw blades with a worm-drive mechanism are typically shorter. They weigh more than sidewinders because they require a gear system to convert the motor action into blade spin. Some construction pros prefer these saws for heavy-duty work.


Hypoid circular saws are like worm drive saws but are not the same. Hypoid saws have a motor mounted behind their blades instead of outside them like worm drives and do not need to be oiled. Hypoid saws are perfect for large tasks and heavy-duty work.


A circular or chop saw is an abrasive tool used to cut hard and manufactured materials. It can be handheld, or you can have the saw attached to a radial arm. These saws have a flat blade and no teeth because they rely on friction to cut through things. They are primarily used for cutting pipes and tiles, metal, concrete, etc.

Be sure to purchase a more expensive blade when using an abrasive saw because you will go through cheaper blades sooner. However, this is not the case for circular saws, as they cost a much higher price tag.

Miter Saw

This circular saw has many uses and is a favorite due to its versatility. Miter saws replace the blade with a circular saw so that the edge can be positioned at any angle and is then attached by a radial arm that swings up and down. You can use it for straight or angled cuts. Miter saws are portable, easy to use, and quickly cut through pieces of wood with a price tag that may be higher than other types of circular saws.

Corded or Cordless circular saw

Both corded and battery-powered circular saws come with advantages for their powered models. With advancements in the design of the batteries, corded saws are no longer necessary to produce heavy-duty performance.

A corded saw will provide better power for someone who cannot afford a plug-in saw. But if you want to work without an outlet, BrickHouse recommends getting a cordless saw so you can be more flexible.

Tool manufacturers now often bundle sets of power tools that use the same batteries. Adding a cordless circular saw is an affordable option if you already own several tools by one tool manufacturer.


Saw manufacturers express the power of their saws in amps. 15-amp circular saws are the standard today and are appropriate for most projects.

10- or 12-amp circular saws may not be strong enough for frequent use, but they keep your purchase in mind for many years, should you choose to make it. Higher amperage circular saws will have more cutting power.

Saw brands typically rate their cordless circular saws by their voltage output, usually measured by the batteries’ letter. Lithium-ion battery systems are now at the heart of most cordless circular saws and are typically 18-Volt or 20-volt.

The voltage and amp-hour ratings of your cordless saw respectively indicate how long you can use the saw before the battery dies. The amp-hour ratings range from about 5 hours to 9 hours.

Blade Size

The most common size of saw for DIYers is 7 1/4 inches. These saws can cut through the material as thick as three inches and offer various blade choices. In the general-use category, there are also 6 1/2-inch and 8 1/4-inch saws for lighter and heavier use.

These are some of the types of utility saws that are used in the trades. They can cut thin paneling and other materials, but also dimension lumber.


These individual differences can only be experienced at a nearby tools store and should be tested before you buy.

Is the saw comfortable and balanced with a good weight? Does the handle feel right in your hand? Further, are you able to see the blade?

When buying a circular saw, you need to consider the handle and how comfortable you will use it. For example, a well-shaped handle will make the saw easier to use and more efficient.


Saw blades usually come in carbide tipped, but an all-purpose knife can be more expensive. How the saw is sharpened is also a big deal because it determines how it performs.

There are many unusual types of blades out there, but a carbide-tipped knife is always the best option. A high number of teeth will help you to make a smooth, clean cut in whatever you are working with. Changing the old blade to the new one takes just a few moments.


Concrete slab saws, also known as circular saws, are incredibly powerful and heat up quickly. They are typically diamond blades and wear out fast due to their cutting.


The table saw is a circular saw with different height blades. The blade is set into the exact shape to rip through boards as quickly as possible. They can be helpful for home projects, too.


Circular saw prices vary widely, ranging from $50 to $900. A sidewinder circular saw costs $50 to $250, while worm-drive saws can cost anywhere between $60 and $380.

Miter saws can cost anywhere from $150 to $900, and table saws can be bought for much more or less, depending on the features.

Keep an eye out for power tools sales around Labor Day and Black Friday, as these are often some of the best items sold during this time of year. Father’s Day is also famous for picking up circular saws at a discounted price.

1. IRWIN Tools MARATHON Vinyl Siding Circular Saw Blade

  • Silicone coat allows the blade to slice easier through material reducing pitch and resin buildup when cutting pressure-treated lumber.
  • Construction-grade carbide teeth deliver longer blade life.
  • The innovative heat vent/expansion slot design reduces vibration for longer life and straighter cuts.
  • 120 tooth count with an optimized, symmetric 60-degree tooth design is ideal for cuts to gutters, vinyl siding, and PVC piping.

2. Malco VCB1 7-1/4-Inch Vinyl Siding and Fencing Cutting Circular Saw Blade

  • Smooth cutting in vinyl plastics.
  • Fits portable circular saws.
  • Made in the USA
  • VA versatile7-1/4 inch (184 mm) blade is a must-have for portable circular saw
  • A popular blade choice when you need to go where the work is

3. Mini Circular Saw

  • 3 BLADES & ADJUSTABLE CUTTING DEPTH ] – The 24T TCT Blade for wood, 44T HSS Blade for plastic & soft metal, and grit diamond blade for tile are specifically set to extend the application of the mini circular saw, suitable for straight cutting with a la large cutting depth of 1-1/16” for wood; 5/16” for tile; 1/8” for Aluminum.
  • PRECISE LASER GUIDE & SAFE DESIGN ] – Legible laser guide and 7” scale ruler can assist you to cut a precise straight line.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & ERGONOMIC DESIGN ] – This mini circular saw weighs only 5.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ] – Box includes 1 x 3-3/8” TECCPO mini circular saw, 1 x 24T Carbide-tipped Blade for wood, 1 x 44T HSS Blade for soft metal, 1 x 3-3/8” Diamond Blade for tile, 2 x Cells for Laser Guide, 1 x Parallel Guide, 1 x Vacuum Adapter, 1 x Allen Key, 1 x User Manual.

4. IRWIN Tools MARATHON Carbide Cordless Circular Saw Blade

  • Silicone coat allows the blade to slice easier through material reducing pitch and resin buildup when cutting pressure-treated lumber.
  • Construction-grade carbide teeth deliver longer blade life.
  • The innovative heat vent/expansion slot design reduces vibration for longer life and straighter cuts.
  • 20 tooth count blades are best for use with medium-thickness metals.

5. IVY Classic 35056 Swift Cut 10″ 200 Tooth Aluminum & Plastic Cutting Circular Saw Blade with 5/8″ Arbor

  • Steel blade designed for cutting light gauge aluminum, plastic, and vinyl siding up to 1/8″ thick.
  • High carbon-alloy steel blade
  • Precision ground teeth with no set for smooth accurate cuts, Swift Cut (Registered Trademark).
  • Arbor: 5/8″

6. WORX WX081L 4V ZipSnip Cordless Electric Scissors

  • STRONGER, BETTER SCISSORS] So what is the Zip Snip.
  • BLADE STAYS SHARP] The automatic sharpening system ensures you’ll always have a clean, smooth cut, on cloth, carpet, leather, and more.
  • HOLDS A CHARGE FOR MONTHS] The 4V MaxLithium battery gives it the spin it needs to slice through materials, and holds that charge for a long time.
  • SAFETY FIRST] Both the trigger and the lock-out switch need to be pressed to make the Zip Snip operate, so it’ll only work when you’ve got a firm grasp on things.
  • BATTERY INDICATOR] Power level monitor on the Zip Snip lets you make sure that you’ll have enough charge for the job at hand.
  • ONLY 1 Llb Not only can you work a long time without fatigue, but the Zip Snip is easy to maneuver
  • COMES WITH CHARGER] The battery is internal, so you just connect the included charger when you need to top it up.

7. DEWALT 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade for Paneling/Vinyl

  • The tougher tungsten carbide of the circular saw blade stays sharper longer
  • Specially formulated anti-stick coating minimizes friction and gum-up for smoother cuts
  • Thin kerf for fast and smooth cutting action
  • Ribbed heat vents allow the blade to run cooler, reducing blade flexing and binding
  • All blades feature a 5a /8-inch arbor with diamond knock-out

8. Circular Saw, HYCHIKA 6.2A Electric Mini Circular Saw

  • Powerful Motor & 6 Saw Blades】Powerful 750W 6.
  • Laser Guide & Scale Ruler】Under the class 2 laser guide, the mini circular saw ensures a professional and precise cutting line for cutting wood/plastic/metal/tile.
  • 0-45° Bevel Cutting & Depth Guide】The HYCHIKA compact circular saw allows you to change your cutting angle freely from 0° to 45°(50° max).
  • Safety Protection & Rubber Handle】The double protection switch avoids accidental opening of the machine and ensures safer cutting operations, only when you press the on/off trigger and safety switch simultaneously, can the saw start and move, greatly improving the safety of cutting.
  • What You Get】1 * Mini Circular Saw, 2 * 24T Saw Blades, 2 * 60T Saw Blades, 2 * Diamond Blades, 1 * Vacuum Cleaner Adapter, 1 x Dust Exhaust Pipe, 1 * Hex Wrench, 1 * Scale Ruler, 1 * Cell for Laser Guide, 1* Dust Exhaust Pipe, 1 * User Manual, 2 Years Free Replacement.

9. Diablo by Freud D0641X Finishing Saw Blade

  • ultra-thinner design equals fast and effortless cuts and Freud’s TiCo Hi-Density carbide for extreme durability and cutting life up to 4 times longer than standard carbide.
  • Perma-Shield Coating for less drag, gumming, and corrosion
  • Cuts Like a Hot Knife Through Butter
  • Laser Cut StStabilizerents for less vibration and ququieterleaner cuts
  • Tri-Metal Shock Resistant Brazing to withstand exextremempact

10. Diablo D1080N Non-Ferrous Metal & Plastic Cutting Saw Blade

  • Laser Cut Stabilizer Vents Trap Noise And Vibration Keeping It Cool And Reducing Blade Warp
  • Laser cut heat expansion slots allow the blade to expand due to heat build-up keeping the cut true and straight.
  • Durable micro-grain titanium carbide for extreme durability, razor-sharp cuts, and long life
  • Package height:14.0″


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Second, even though budget is important, you have to pay more attention to performance and reliability than the price.

Finally, figure out why and what you need a Circular Saw Blade To Cut Vinyl before buying one.

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