Best Corded Drill for Home Use in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

When it comes to drills, you can choose corded or cordless models depending on your needs. Cordless drills are easy to use and portable. However, if you need more power, a corded drill is the best option. For home improvement projects like drilling holes, driving screws, or mixing components, you need to get the best corded drill for home use.

Before buying a corded drill, you need to think about a few factors like the motor speed, power, and chuck size among others. We have given you top corded drill options with their major features and benefits to ease your work. You will also find an in-depth guide to help you choose wisely. So, read this article to the end to find the best corded drills 2021 to suit your DIY projects.

What Is Corded Drill?

A corded drill is a tool that is used to drill holes on different materials like metal, wood, concrete, stones, or even plastic. You connect it to a socket for electric supply. This makes it very powerful. It has a cord that allows you to move to a certain distance to carry out your construction functions.

In the case of a short cord, you can use an extension not to get limited by its length. Corded drills come with four drill variations: hammer drill, rotary drill, angle drill, and a driver. The hammer drill is for concrete or stone materials, while angle drills are for drilling at the corners. A rotary drill is mainly for heavy tasks while the driver is a multi-functional drill.

Corded drills operate at high speed and therefore have high torque making the drilling task very efficient. Since they use direct electric power, they are lightweight, making them more convenient to work with when doing more work.

The cord of your drill will determine how far you drill. Different drills have varying cord length.  A corded drill comprises of different parts. The basic ones include the handle, drill bit, depth stop, speed control, and hammer control.

When to Use a Corded Drill?

You can use a corded drill to carry out different tasks in your home, including repair and maintenance.  This device is useful when you want to bore holes on the wall if you want to hang something. It can bore holes in concrete, wood, plastic, or even metal. You can also attach some accessories to the corded drill and use it to mix paints, grind, sanding, and screw driving.

Remember that a corded drill is supposed to be plugged in an electric outlet for it to function. Therefore, be near a socket so you can plugin for a source of power. If the cord is too short, look for an extension to limit your drilling activities.

A corded drill is also a perfect device to use when doing heavy tasks. This is because it usually has a lot of power as it gets power directly from electricity. You can work with it without the need to recharge. Due to its lightweight design, you can work with it for a long without having hand-aches. 

When using the corded drill, ensure that you take the necessary precautions for safety. Wear protective goggles to prevent metallic or wooden substances from getting into your eyes. It is also good to make use of a circuit breaker in case of any electric shock.

Besides, avoid drilling in areas with water pipes or electric wires.  If you want a powerful tool for your construction practices at home, a corded drill is the best tool.

Top Rated
Under 30$
Includes a lock-on button
Comfortable handle design

Editors Choice
Compatible with various attachments
A securely placed handle
Variable speeds
Premium Choice
Bosch Bulldog
3-function mode: rotate, rotary, and hammer
Allows a 35-degree pivot for flexibility
7.5-amp motor power

Comparison of our Recommended 10 Models

Product Name.Chuck StyleRPM (min-max)
BLACK+DECKER Corded Drill(DR260C)Keyless 3/8inch0-1500
BLACK+DECKER Electric Drill (BDEDMT)Keyless 3/8inch0-1400
Bosch 11255VSR BulldogKeyless 1/2inch0-1300
SKIL Hammer Drill (6445-04)Keyless 1/2inch0-3000
DEWALT VSR (DWD112)Keyless 3/8inch0-2500
DEWALT Pistol-Grip (DWD210G)Keyed 1/2inch0-1250
TACKLIFE Corded Hammer DrillKeyed 1/2inch0-2800
PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill(PC600D)Keyless 3/8inch0-2500
Hammer Drill MeterkKeyless 1.2inch0-3000
GALAX PRO Hammer DrillKeyless 1/2inch0-3000

Recommended Corded Drills For Home Use

Before purchasing a cordless drill, it is great to determine if it is suitable for professional or home use. Read our reviews to find resourceful information on the best hammer drill for concrete walls.

1. BLACK+DECKER Corded Drill(DR260C)


This is the best corded drill to consider for basic to moderate tasks because of the 5.2amp power and variable speed. The DR260C is compatible with anyone and more work that involves drilling through wood and plastic. The handle is also comfortable and user-friendly; it has an anti-slip design.

Features at a glance

It offers bit storage, making it easy to access the screwing bits as they are within reach. The working station will also look neater as everything will be in place. With 5.2amp, it can effortlessly handle all kinds of tasks around your home.

A keyless chuck is a must-have for every corded drill. It saves you the time to change the accessories by doing it manually. The handle has a comfortable design, which makes you less tired when holding it. It includes a constant power button that stays in place while working.

Why did we pick this?

We loved the compact and lightweight structure of the drill, making it easy to work with. What’s even more interesting is the fact that you can work for long hours pleasantly. The constant power supply is a winner, and you will be sure to complete the workload within the shortest time.

  • Drills through plastic, wood, and metal.
  • Powerful for all kinds of tasks.
  • Has onboard bit storage.
  • Variable speed option for flexible use.
  • Comfortable handle design.
  • A keyless chuck.
  • Includes a lock-on button.
  • Hard to store.
  • Over tightened chuck on delivery.

2. BLACK+DECKER Electric Drill(BDEDMT)


I would best refer to this drill as the best all-round corded drill. It’s all made possible with the diverse attachments that can assemble with the machine. If you wonder how you can have the same drill for multiple tacks, here is your answer. It comes with a base drilling attachment and a double sided-bit tip.

Features at a glance

Has high performance at 120 voltage, indicating the power to take on all kinds of tasks. It’s even more easing on your part because of the numerous stuff you could do with it. This is due to the multiple attachments you can use to trim, detail intricate projects, and work on edges.

The machine’s compact structure is convenient for working with tight spaces. Additionally, it helps you with getting a firm grip while working. It works at variable speeds that are adaptable to various working requirements.

Why did we pick this?

This drilling machine uses a lithium-ion battery, which is more conservative and environmentally friendly. It is less likely to encounter power consumption problems while using it. It’s hard to come across an electric drill that you can use for multiple tasks. It can include different attachments;

  • Trim saw attachment
  • Impact driver attachment.
  • Router attachment
  • Jigsaw attachment.
  • Detail sander attachment.
  • Oscillating multi-tool attachment
  • It is compatible with various attachments.
  • Works at variable speeds.
  • Has high voltage for high production.
  • A securely placed handle.
  • Uses a keyless chuck.
  • May be difficult to use for mixing substances.
  • An inflexible chuck on purchase.

3. Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Power Drill


If you want to go all out with drilling machines, you can upgrade to a rotary drill. With this, you will be able to drill through concrete walls and perform other heavy-duty jobs.

Features at a glance

Has an ergonomic handle layout that offers comfort and maximum control. It even gets better with the vibration control feature. You can use the drill for rotation mode only, hammer mode, and rotary mode. It goes from basic to complex within a second. It produces 0-1300 rpm for the toughest tasks, and the 7.5amp motor can accomplish all kinds of jobs.

This drill qualifies as the best corded hammer drill for concrete walls with a variable speed trigger that reverses. It’s the best way to provide accuracy and consistency in your work. In case the bit gets stuck, there is an integral clutch that loosens the torque. There is also a cord turret increase variability by allowing a 35-degree pivot.

Why did we pick this?

Although the machine is pricier, its quality and execution are above impressive. I love how it works with three different modes to suit your need. It can switch from hammer mode to rotation mode and even rotary mode. More importantly, the variable speed can work on the reverse to unfasten screws.

  • 3-function mode: rotate, rotary, and hammer.
  • Variable speed with reverse option.
  • Ergonomic handle design.
  • Vibration control feature.
  • 7.5-amp motor power for complex applications.
  • Has an integral clutch.
  • It allows a 35-degree pivot for flexibility.
  • Poor quality chuck.
  • The air exhaust occasionally puffs at your face.

4. SKIL 6445-04 Hammer Drill


The SKIL hammer drill is specifically created for complicated, heavy-duty tasks. With a chuck length of ½ inches and a 7amp power motor, you can pierce, drill, and cut through abrasive material. Furthermore, the variable speed control can adjust the bit speed to match the duty at hand.

Features at a glance

It has a second handle that provides more control and extra comfort. It is suited for both right and left-hand users. The drill can also rotate 360 degrees hence being used at all angles. It’s even more resourceful since you can bring it with you anywhere and also store it securely.

Contains 7amp capacity to facilitate heavy-duty tasks with a lot of ease. The variable speeds enhance convertibility for assorted tasks plus the reverse capability. Uses a lock-on button that stays put until you finish drilling. No more unintentional pauses when working.

Why did we pick this?

We picked this for its uniqueness, it has a second reversible handle that offers extra support. Moreover, it can shift in position to suit both left and right-hand users. The entire machine outline is ergonomic for maximum comfort and control. You can work with it anywhere you wish to carry it.

  • Has a second handle for more support.
  • Powers tough tasks.
  • Easy to carry with you.
  • Variable speed options for flexibility.
  • Can be used at all angles.
  • Has a lock-on button.
  • Less durable motor bit.
  • May lose power when drilling at low speed.

5. DEWALT VSR Electric Drill(DWD112)


The DEWALT electric drill uses variable speed control for regulating the speed according to the task. The complexity of working on different materials differs, yet is done impeccably. The keyless chuck is made of steel, therefore, provides a robust bit adherence. You can perform a heavy-duty task with a powerful motor.

Features at a glance

Has a chuck style that is 3/8 inches and is keyless. This quickens bit exchange and replacement plus improving bit retention. It incorporates a soft-grip handle layout that offers comfort while working. The lock-on button is like a safety pin that keeps the drill in consistent motion.

It uses a variable speed trigger for adjusting the motor speed to suit your task. It’s equally convenient when unfastening screws as installing them. The superior 8amp motor is perfect for concentrated assignments.

Why did we pick this?

DEWALT VSR is an electric drill with a 3/8inch check length yet capable of working on heavy tasks. It’s all thanks to the 8amp motor that optimizes operation. It uses a 1inch length on wood and 3/8 inch on steel, offering the variability to work on different materials.

  • Has an 8amp motor for taking on tough chores.
  • A soft-grip handle for optimal security.
  • Features firm bit retention.
  • Uses a lock-on button.
  • It has a keyless chuck
  • Variable speed control for adaptability.
  • A bit expensive.

6. DEWALT Electric Drill (DWD210G)


It bears certain similarities to DEWALT VSR. Some of them are the chuck length, handle design, variable speed mechanism, and lock-on button. The standing differences rest on the pistol grip’s keyed chuck and amperage.

Features at a glance

It operates at 10amp with an overload protection drilling at 0-1250 rpm in both forward and reverses directions. The drill handle has a soft grip for a relaxed feel while working. Its body is topped with a metal gear housing to build durability.

It uses a variable speed switching mechanism to estimate the perfect speed for a specific workpiece. The lock-on button is correctly positioned in case it slides and causes the drill to switch speed.

Why did we pick this?

It has a detachable handle that provides more support and control while working. The handle has a 360-degree locking side, which permits you to use the drill when positioned at any angle. Additionally, it can work for both right and left-hand users.

  • Has a mighty 10amp motor capacity.
  • Variable speed control for flexibility.
  • Covered with a metal gear for durability.
  • Has a soft-grip handle.
  • Incorporates a 360-degree locking side.
  • Has a keyed chuck, which is inflexible.

7. TACKLIFE Corded Hammer Drill


Tacklife hammer drill can be used as a rotation and hammer drill. Works best with light-duty and heavy-duty tasks on all materials; glass, metal, wood, and concrete. It also comes with an additional 10 drill bit set. This comprises of 5 drills for brick and 5 twist drills for steel.

Features at a glance

Has 2 in 1 functions that alternates between the rotation and hammer drill. It can drill through wood, glass, stone, and metal. This is with the help of the 6amp motor capacity and ½ inch chuck diameter.

The forward and reverse switch is ideal for fixing and unfastening screws. It uses a second, auxiliary handle that facilitates 3600 rotation. This is a winning score for the versatility of the machine. There is a detachable rod that lets you decide on the depth of the bit for assorted assignments.

Why did we pick this?

It boasts a speed knob with 12 varying dials that allow you to set the speed before drilling. The lock-on button is responsible for locking the speed until you manually change it. It uses the variable speed system that adjusts the speed depending on your task. VSR has forward and reverses options for fastening and removing screws.

  • The variable speed feature improves flexibility.
  • Has two in one function.
  • 6amp motor capacity for various applications.
  • Includes a lock-on button.
  • Has a 3600 detachable handle.
  • A depth measuring gauge.
  • 10 drill bit sets.
  • Quite noisy.

8. PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill (PC600D)


Generally, the make of the PORTER corded drill is robust, flexible, and powerful. You can guarantee your safety with the belt clip responsible for securing the drill. The rpm and motor capacity is suitable for high-performance tasks.

Features at a glance

It has a lightweight, ergonomic design that is trouble-free to work with. To add to this, the handle has a firm grip for optimum control and support. It functions at a high rpm of up to 2500 for maximum drilling pace. The 6amp motor also contributes to the commendable execution the machine does.

While using the variable speed control, drilling screws and mixing substances is more pleasant. You can effortlessly acquire clean cuts at a constant speed. The keyless chuck makes it easy to switch drill bits for specific applications.

Why did we pick this?

The high torque gear layout is suitable for wood and metal fabrication, deck drilling, construction, and other functions. It is an elevated speed drill that works at 2500 rpm with 6amp capacity. The speed and fulfillment are enough to handle deck building, frame construction, and fabrication.

  • Works at 2500 rpm with a 6amp motor.
  • High-torque gear construction.
  • Variable speed control for adaptability.
  • Uses a keyless chuck.
  • Lock-on button.
  • Belt clip for securing the drill.
  • The chuck is stiff at first.

9. Hammer Drill Meterk


The hammer drill uses a 7amp motor that creates the power that exceeds 30%. It features a non-slip and adjustable impact drill for effortless and relaxed performance. The speed is 300rpm(no-load). Like the TACKLIFE hammer drill, it has the dual selector mode to switch between electric and impact drill.

Features at a glance

It has a metal gearbox as a crucial part of the drill’s implementation. The gearbox is robust to weather harsh working conditions. You can conveniently activate the dual switch between the impact drill and electric drill. The impact drill applies to difficult jobs while the electric drill performs basic operations.

The adjustable speed control regulates the motor speed according to the work project. The separate reverse and forward switch enable you to fasten and loosen screws. With the lock-on button, you can work for long hours.

Why did we pick this?

The handle is coated with rubber, which provides resistance for a solid grip. It is, therefore, enjoyable to work with this tool. Alongside the main handle is the 3600 detachable handle that operates at any position. It greatly elevates the control you can have while working. It’s among the best corded drills for 2021 because it’s affordable, handy, and of genuine make.

  • Dual switch selector mode.
  • Operates at 300rpm with a 7amp motor.
  • Variable speed control for different implementations.
  • Forward and reverse switch.
  • Has a compact and lightweight layout.
  • Lock-on button.
  • The depth gauge does not seem relevant.

10. GALAX PRO Hammer Drill


It has a similar performance to the Meterk hammer drill in terms of rpm- which is 3000. However, the amperage is slightly lower; 5amp. The copper motor is ideal for drilling concrete walls, metal, wood, and other robust substances.

Features at a glance

Like all the previous drills, it has a variable speed control feature that allocates every job’s perfect speed. It’s versatile and convenient. The handle is contoured to offer optimal control with a firmer grip.

It operates with a 6amp copper motor with speed reaching 3000rpm. This is flawless for demanding tasks. You can switch between hammer and rotation mechanism for the task you are handling.

Why did we pick this?

Just like the TACKLIFE hammer drill, GALAX PRO uses a scaling depth gauge. The gauge is in charge of determining the depth of the drill bit compatible for different implementations. The lightweight shape of the drill gives it balance; therefore, painless to work with.

  • Uses a contoured handle for firmness.
  • Switch between hammer and rotation.
  • High fulfillment with 3000rpm.
  • Uses a scaling depth gauge.
  • Has a lock-on button.
  • Lightweight and balanced.
  • The possibility of a cheaply made chuck.

Buying Guide

The market is full of different types of corded drills that vary in price, quality, brand, and features. This will always confuse you, wondering what the best tool to buy is and why. Worry no more since you will get the answer in detail. There are several things you should consider before you purchase the best all around corded drill for home use. These include:

Speed and Power

Power, together with speed, is the most important thing that determines how effective a corded drill will be. They make the difference between the surfaces to be drilled and how fast it does the work. Different machines offer different rotation speeds of the drill bit or the motor.  Check out the rotation speed of the corded drill that you want to purchase.

In most cases, the one with a faster rotation speed offers the best drilling performance. You can also get a corded drill machine with changeable speed control setups as you will be able to drill on different materials. Some corded drills have a rotation speed of 2500 RPM and others with 3000 RPM (rounds per minute).

The one with 3000 RPM presents better drilling performance than the one with 2500 RPM. If you want to drill on metal stone or concrete surfaces, consider choosing a corded drill with the highest revolutions per minute(RPM).  A corded drill relies on its motor for power. The power of any corded drill is presented using an amp.

Some drills have a power of 6 amps and others 8 amps. The one with 8 amps provides better drilling performance. It is good to check the power to choose one with great motor power for your tasks. For home use, where you will be doing lesser tasks than industrial use, selecting a 6 amps tool will just be fine.

Size and Type of Chuck

Chuck size is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a corded drill. Chuck size determines the size of the supported bit of any corded drill. There are different chuck diameter sizes. For example, you can get one with a size of 3/8 inches or with ½ inch size.

The one with ½ inch chuck size is perfect for industrial use, while the one with 3/8-inch chuck size is great for home use. There are others with a chuck size of ¼ inch. These are for light-duty works. The bigger the chuck size, the greater the drilling performance.

Chucks are available in three different types: the keyless chucks usually tighten or loosen bits manually without using a key. These are perfect when you want to change any attachment easily, be it a bit or a screwdriver bit. There are the keyed chucks, also known as standard chucks that use a key when changing bits and usually have a diameter of either 10mm or 13mm.

These consume more time, but they are great when it comes to avoiding slippage. Lastly, are the SDS chucks that are the best when it comes to changing bits. They are found on high-end drills or hammer drills. They are fast and provides great grip, thus avoiding slippage. However, corded drills with these chucks are a bit expensive due to their great performance.

YouTube Video Credit: Kent 10810

Length of The Cord

The length of the cord will greatly influence where you drill. This will also affect the angle by which you do the drilling. Some cords are shorter than you will need to get an extension, depending on where you want to drill. Others are long enough that you will drill any place without any difficulty.

 Therefore, you must select a corded drill with the longest cord to enable you to carry out your task effectively and comfortably. Also, remember to check the material of the cord. Select a strong cord that is of great quality. This will help to avoid any electric risk as well as to serve you for a longer time.


Corded drills come with various designs of handles. It is therefore wise that you try different grips so that you choose the best for you. Look for a soft handle to avoid having hand blisters. When buying a cordless drill, visit the store, and have time to experience different handles. Try to hold the machine from various angles, upright, horizontally, or downwards.

This way, you will be able to select the one that gives you the best comfort. Ensure that the handle can carry the weight of the drill comfortably. Most importantly, select a corded drill that you find easy working with.

In case your hands are huge, select a drill with a big handle. On the other hand, if your hands are small, look for a corded drill with a small handle. Besides, you should also consider the compatibility of your device. A compact device will require a small space for storage, and it will also be easier to handle.

A lightweight device is also very important when it comes to comfort. This is because you will be free from having hand ache at the end of the task. Also, if you want to carry it to a different location, it will be easy to carry.

Some corded drills have two handles; one maintains steadiness when drilling. Others have a handle at the center of the machine. This is the best since the tool’s weight distributes evenly, giving you an easy time carrying out your tasks.


Before selecting any corded drill machine, consider your budget as an important aspect. Different corded drills come at various prices depending on specs and the power of a certain tool. Choose the right drill, depending on the task it will be performing.

This will help you to save some cash and to choose the device that fits your budget. Remember that not all expensive tools are of great quality. Therefore, do a thorough review of any brand you choose from. Some brands are top-rated and are known to produce high-quality drills. Look for a corded drill from such companies.

Moreover, do not go for the cheapest tool in the market as it may lack some important features that will make your drilling task easy and successful. There are so many tools with an average price that has all that is necessary.

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This is a very important thing to take into consideration before buying any tool. The corded drill you purchase is supposed to be durable and reliable so that it serves you for a longer period. I am sure you do not want to buy a new corded drill now and then. To evade this problem, check the materials used to make a certain machine.

Select one that is made of great quality metal for casings. Also, check if the body is constructed using strong plastic material. In most cases, the great the quality of materials, the more expensive it becomes. So, be ready to invest in the best-corded drill.

Several companies are known to make high quality corded drills. Do your research thoroughly to ensure that the device you purchase is true of great quality. In connection to this, the warranty of a device tells more about its durability. Mostly, corded drills come with different warranty periods of up to 5 years.

Therefore, it is wise that you select one with a longer warranty period as it tends to be more advantageous. Take good care of your corded drill by storing it properly and always checking for any default. This will help your tool to remain in good condition hence serving you for a long.

Additional Features

The most important feature of a corded drill is the reverse function. A drill with a reverse function will allow you to rotate the drill bit in both directions, both clockwise and anticlockwise. This will help you to remove any stuck bit without breaking it. You just need to press on the forward or reverse button and continue with your task.

Other devices come with changeable speed triggers. These are also quite important as you will be able to drill using the desired speed. Other corded drills have side handles to offer you maximum control when drilling. This also provides stability.

Some corded drills come with a built-in light while others do not have. It may be hectic, especially when you are drilling in dark places, and you need extra lighting. To make work simpler, it is better to purchase a drill with a built-in light. You need to drill holes in the right position to avoid making your wall, or other drilling surfaces a mess.

Others come with brushless motors that help to reduce noise when drilling and to increase efficiency. This is because they contain an electronic controller plus an electric coil that prevents friction and uses less energy.

 Also, consider a corded drill with a removable depth stop that will prevent you from drilling too deep to avoid damaging the wall. It is evident that the more the features in a corded drill, the more useful it becomes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are corded drills more powerful than cordless?

Yes. Since corded drills are directly connected to electricity, they have unmatched power and endurance. Despite having the same variations, corded drills have the upper hand in each category; drill, hammer, and rotary. Cordless drills only use battery power, which is limited; thus can only handle small tasks.

Should I buy corded or cordless tools?

It solely depends on your buying requirements. If you want a powerful machine for heavy-duty tasks, I would recommend corded drills. However, in terms of flexibility and portability, cordless drills remain foremost among the two.

Should I avoid cheap corded drill and invest in better quality?

I honestly think that the correlation between price and quality is weak. This can only mean that cheap drills could have a better quality than more expensive ones. If it’s a question of price and quality, quality outweighs price requirements.

What voltage drill should I buy?

12-18 volts. This is the average voltage to sustain most activities around your house. Voltage lesser than this is suitable for minor tasks. A drill with a higher voltage will take on more difficult jobs due to its superior performance.

Does a higher voltage mean more power?

Yes, a drill with a high voltage consequently has high torque. Torque is the force that causes angular acceleration. When the force at which the drill rotates is high, the screwing speed is also high. This actively illustrates that a high voltage equals high power.

What kind of motor is in a corded drill?

Universal motors, which, according to their name, can be used on most hand tools, power tools, dryers, blenders, and many more. They are lightweight, have high speed, and are compact. They are uniquely designed for AC powered devices that require a direct electrical connection.

Final Verdict

I hope it will easier for you to choose the best corded drill for home use according to your specifications. All the same, there is always a favorite in a bunch. The top-rated drill as far as quality and performance are concerned is Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog XtremeSds-Plus Concrete.

The 3-mode function is one thing that has stood out among all options. You may not need it for tough tasks such as drilling through concrete. However, there is a rotation only mode for lighter tasks on materials such as wood.

The best deal for the money is the DEWALT electric drill (DWD112). Unlike most chucks on drills, theirs is made of steel, which offers a tighter grip for the drill bit. You know, a weak chuck causes the bit to weaken and eventually ruin your project. Additionally, the features are easy to understand and work with.

Well, if you are looking for a cheaper and powerful option, SKIL 6445-04 is a perfect fit. I would say that it is the best corded drill under $100. It includes a 7-amp motor that can handle basic to tough work projects. All other features are likable to anyone.

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