Best Corded Drill under $100 of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

From handy home workers to professional workshop owners, drilling tools are among the must-have equipment today. Just like hammers and screwdrivers, it is impossible to live without drills in our home’s garages and workstations today.

Cordless drills are becoming more popular, having the best corded drill under $100 is still a huge necessity to most handymen and professionals.

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Powerful motor
Compact and lightweight
Comes with different attachments
High level of control
Top Rated
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Compact and powerful drill
Perfect for use in small spaces
Easy blade changes
Under  25 bucks
Editor’s Choice
(DWD115K )
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Powerful motor
Provides accurate results
Variable speed control
Comfortable and lightweight drill

The fact is, corded drills are more powerful and robust than their cordless peers. And it is for this reason that they still remain relevant in domestic and professional workshops.

Besides power, there are so many reasons and situations where a corded drill would be preferable. For instance, when you need an unlimited operation time while handling a huge task.

Comparison Table of our Best Picks

Product NameWeight (Pounds)Editor’s Rating
BLACK+DECKER Electric Drill, 4-Amp (BDEDMT)3.314.2 
Skill 6445-04 7.0 Amp. Hammer Drill5.54.3 
BLACK+DECKER Corded Drill, 5.2-Amp, (DR260C)3.54.3 
DEWALT Corded Drill, 8.0-Amp, Mid-Handle Grip (DWD115K )6.54.7 
PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill, Variable Speed, 6-Amp, (PC600D)44.4 
Hitachi D13VF 9-Amp Drill, EVS Reversible4.64.3 
DEWALT Electric Drill, Pistol-Grip, 10-Amp (DWD210G)6.764.6 
Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck Drill4 
BLACK+DECKER BDEDR3C 120V 3/8″ Corded Drill3.573.4 
Milwaukee 0240-20, Electric Drill4.653.8 

Anyway, you can boldly say that these tools have stood the test of time and defied the challenges of technological evolution. And it is a fact that a corded drill is among the top needed tools for day to day works. However, finding a great drill might be a problem.

That is why we made this guide, to enlighten buyers on the features to focus on when choosing your corded drill. We also reviewed the top products in the current market. Keep reading to see our top picks and get the chance to select your favorite drill without sweating it.

Note: Our reviews over a corded drill under $100. However, when buying, the price may NOT be always under $100 because and its subsidiaries change the price from time to time.

Best Corded Drill under $100: Reviews For 2020

Corded drills are essential tools that we need for various home improvement jobs like driving screws or creating holes. With many models available on the market, it can be challenging to pick a quality tool.

Our experts have researched the market reviewed the top ten recommended corded drills for the money.


BLACK+DECKER is among the top brands on the market that provides quality power tools. In their series of corded drills, this model offers incredible performance. This is a single tool that can handle various tasks like cutting, drilling, sanding, and much more.

It features an 11-position clutch that offers users effective control so, you will not experience stripping or overdriving the screws.

This corded drill features a powerful 4.0 amp motor that offers enough power to handle a wide range of cutting jobs. You will also find various attachments that enhance the performance of your projects.

These attachments include a router attachment, jigsaw attachment, trim saw attachment, oscillating multi-tool attachment, impact driver attachments, and a detail sander attachment.

The drill features a matrix quick connect system that helps you to change from one attachment to the other without using any tools. As compared to many corded drills in the same price range, this tool is easy to use.

It features a compact and lightweight construction that enables users to carry it with ease.


  • Features a powerful motor.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Comes with different attachments.
  • Offers a high level of control.


  • Doesn’t have a trigger lock.
  • Complaints of trigger issues.

2. SKIL 6445-04 Corded Drill 

SKIL Drill under $100

While corded drills are lightweight and portable, many people prefer corded drills because they provide more power. This makes them ideal for tough applications that require more power.

SKIL 6445-04 is an amazing tool that you can add to your workshop. This is a powerful tool that features a 7 amp motor. It provides the right amount of power that is required to handle even the most demanding tasks.

This corded drill comes at an affordable price which makes it a perfect selection for beginners. The drill has a ½ inch keyed chuck that can accept larger bits when you are handling cutting and other woodworking tasks.

Using this tool will offer you with accurate results. It is designed with a side assist handle that provides controlled and accurate drilling.

In addition, you are in full control of the speed since it features a variable speed trigger. You can change from low to high-speed smoothly depending on the nature of the work you are doing.

The drill also has a 2-finger trigger that features a lock-on option to enhance your control. Another aspect that you will love about this drill its lightweight design. This makes it manageable when you are drilling, and you can also carry it without any problems.


  • The tool provides more power.
  • Has a variable speed control.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Provide a sturdy operation.
  • Works well with different materials.
  • Rotatable side handle offers more control.


  • Users say it only suits lighter jobs.
  • Better if it was more durable.

3. BLACK+DECKER (DR260C) Corded Drill 

This is another affordable corded drill from BLACK+DECKER DR260C. It has a 5.2 amp motor, and it is compact enough to help you do your work well. Using this tool is pretty easy, and you have control over the speed based on the task at hand.

Its variable speed from 0-1500 rpm that allows you to drill or drive accurately. Apart from the drill, you will also get a double-ended screwdriver bit.

This affordable corded drill is effective, especially if you want to handle tough work on tight spaces. It is designed with a key less check, so you can be sure of a simple time when changing the blade.

I also love the fact that the tool is versatile so, you can drill hole or fasten screws on different materials like wood, plastic, and metal.

Just like other tools, comfort is essential to help you handle your work correctly. This corded drill has a mid-handle design and an over-mold rubber grip handle that gives you the desired amount of comfort when working.

The tool also features an onboard bit storage that offers convenience when you want to reach the screwdrivers.


  • Compact and powerful drill.
  • Has variable speed for easy control.
  • Perfect for use in small spaces.
  • Keyless check offer easy blade changes.
  • It features a convenient onboard storage.
  • Can drill holes on different materials.


  • The chuck is stuck.
  • The tool is a little noisier.

4. DEWALT Mid-Handle Grip, Corded Drill 

Enjoy accurate drilling experience from the DEWALT Corded Drill. Just like other power tools from Dewalt, you can be sure that this tool will meet your requirements. Comparing the price of the tool with the features included, you can’t ask for more.

The tool is versatile so, you can use it for a wide range of applications. It is also easy to handle when you are handling drilling tasks.

The first thing that you will appreciate about this corded drill is the power. It is equipped with a patented built-in 8 amp motor that has overload protection. The tool also provides a speed of up to 2500 rpm so you can be sure of quick driving and drilling.

With this tool, you can handle light tasks at home as well as on your job site.  It provides you with 1-inch capacity when you are dealing with wood and 1 1/8 capacity when using it with a wood hole saw.

Comfort goes hand in hand with accuracy. Therefore, if the drill you are using is not comfortable.Then you are not likely to achieve accurate results. With this regard, this drill has a comfortable and ergonomic handle that gives you comfort even when working for an extended time.

The soft grip and well-balanced design of the handle give you better comfort and control for accurate results.

This drill is also lightweight to reduce fatigue for extended use. Another notable feature of the Dewalt tool is the VSR mid-handle drill kit that features a key less chuck. This offers the needed power for light-duty drilling and fastening jobs.


  • It has a powerful motor.
  • Provides accurate results.
  • Has a variable speed control.
  • Comfortable and lightweight drill.
  • The trigger is comfortable to use.


  • The trigger is very sensitive.
  • Better if it lasted longer.

5. PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill (PC600D) 

Porter-Cable is another reputable brand that provides reliable and affordable corded drills. If you need a tool that is suitable for high-performance jobs, this model can be an excellent investment.

The tool features variable speed and provides you with more power to handle tough projects. It features a 6 amp motor, and the tool is durable enough.

You will enjoy a speed of 2500 rpm, which is an incredible speed that is required to handle a wide range of drilling jobs. With this kind of torque, this drill works well in handling projects for wood fabrication, frame construction, pilot hole drilling, among other tasks that need an extended period to complete.

The drill features a lightweight construction which makes it is easy to use. It includes a variable speed trigger so, you can choose the right speed depending on the job. You can also achieve quick bit changes, thanks to the key less chuck.

The drill is also equipped with a long 6-foot power cord to provide you with the convenience of use. You will also love the lock-on button that makes control easier, especially for prolonged uses.


  • Has more power for tough applications.
  • The drill has variable speed control.
  • Easy to change the bits.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Comes with operating instructions.
  • Lock-on button for easy control.


  • The chuck would have been better.
  • Some users find the trigger difficult to control.

6. Hitachi D13VF EVS Reversible, Corded Drill

With a budget of under 100 bucks, there are many corded drills that you can find on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that they all work well. You need to trust top brands like Hitachi that are known for quality power tools and other accessories.

The Hitachi D13VF is a powerful corded drill with a 9 amp motor. This assures you of a high-performance and more drilling power.

This is one of the most comfortable corded drills that you can get. It features an ergonomic form-fit al grip handle to provide comfort when drilling. The handle is designed in a way that reduces fatigue and vibration during operation.

With the high speed and a no-load speed of 850 rpm, the drill is ideal for handling high torque jobs. You can operate the electronic variable speed control trigger with two fingers.

Additionally, you can achieve continuous use, thanks to the included lock-on feature. Another aspect is the lightweight design without compromising the durability. The drill is designed with contractor-grade cast iron aluminum gear housing making it tough. This construction ensures that the tool lasts for many years.

This easy to use corded drill also has a removable side handle that offers more control and performance. For added convenience, this drill has a built-in belt hook. If you would like to reach tight and hard to reach areas, this drill allows you to add an attachment.

For those who like traveling with their tool, you can carry it with an injection-molded carrying bag included.


  • Has a powerful motor and increased speed.
  • The drill is lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Easy to control and operate.
  • Comes with a carrying case.
  • You can add an attachment to reach right spaces.
  • Features a strong construction.


  • It has many plastic parts.
  • Works well but not suitable for left-handed people.

7. DEWALT (DWD210G) Pistol-Grip, Corded Drill

Dewalt provides you with another powerful corded drill at an affordable price. This model comes with a 10 amp motor hence providing you with more drilling performance.

It has overload protection and can drill at a speed of 0-1250 rpm in both forward and reverse. It has a built-in motor design not only for durability but also for increased overload speed.

This drill is comfortable to use so you can tackle your drilling projects with perfection. It features a soft-grip handle to enhance your comfort and offer you better control.

The 360-locking handle provides you with more control and versatility. It also includes two finger triggers for enhanced control and comfort.

The fact that you are spending less on a corded drill doesn’t necessarily mean that the tool is low quality. This model features a metal gear housing to enhance its longevity.

This powerful drill is versatile, and it can work well on both steel and wood material. The drill also has chuck 1,2 inch keyed chuck that holds the bit securely to prevent slippage.


  • Powerful motor for more drilling power.
  • The drill has a durable construction.
  • Comfortable handle with a soft grip.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Suitable for steel and wood.
  • It is accurate.


  • It is not made in the USA.

8. Bosch 1006VSR Keyless Chuck, Corded Drill

If you are a DIY lover or a professional, you need a quality drill. I would recommend you to try the Bosch 1006VSR for excellent drilling performance.

Unlike other corded drills, you will find on the market, this model provides the best power to weight ratio and maximum power. It has a 6.3 amp motor that provides a variable speed of up to 2600 rpm.

Another aspect of this drill is the powerful and lightweight construction that makes it easy to use. This tool is also comfortable to use even for extended use.

It features a recessed in the handle that has a soft grip for comfort, and it is designed in a way that minimizes accidental lock. The drill also features an oversized two-finger trigger for ease of use.

This drill is also designed with service-minder brushes that stop the tool automatically when you want to replace the brushes. This drill is also safe to use.

It has a lock-on switch that is recessed to ensure there are no accidents. Additionally, it features a belt clip that tots this drill to provide you with hands-free use.


  • Powerful motor and high speed.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Lock-on switch prevents accidents.
  • Has a 2-fringer control.
  • Designed with a soft grip handle for comfort.


  • The drill is heavy.
  • Variable speed control doesn’t work well.
  • Some users say it is loud.


Having a corded drill at home helps you perform drilling and driving tasks pretty easily. You need to pick a quality tool from a reputable brand like Black and Decker for outstanding performance and durability.

This 3/8 inch corded drill works well when drilling holes on materials like plastic, wood and, metal.

With a 3 amp motor and a speed of 2700 rpm, you can be sure that this tool will meet most of your drilling projects. This tool also works well in driving screws and fasting a wide range of materials. It comes with a double-ended screw driving bit to make your work easier.

This tool is comfortable and convenient to use. It features a handle with a comfortable grip so you can hold it pretty well and get rid of user fatigue. Even when you are working for many hours, you can be sure of doing your projects accurately and comfortably.


  • Can be used to drill holes in various materials.
  • Has a comfortable handle.
  • Comes with a double-ended screwing bit.
  • Works well for fastening and driving screws.
  • It has a keyless chuck.
  • Powerful motor and high speed.


  • It doesn’t have variable speed.
  • Not ideal for tough jobs.

10. Milwaukee, 0240-20 Corded Drill

When picking a corded drill for the money, you need to consider the durability of the tool and ease of use. The Milwaukee 0240-20 is one great corded drill that provides you with all that and much more at an affordable price.

This drill features an 8 amp motor and a speed of 2800 rpm to provide you with more power needed to handle intricate projects.

This is a tool that will be a great addition to your workshop. It features a strong construction so it can handle jobsite abuse longer.

It is designed with an all-metal gear case that provides superb support and protects the gear. This construction also provides support when you are handling high-torque protects.

The durability of this corded drill makes it ideal for applications such as drilling metal, fastening jobs and drilling wood. The drill is also designed to provide you with the needed comfort when handling various jobs.

It has a soft-grip handle and two-finger trigger that enhances your working comfort for accurate results.


  • It is easy to operate.
  • Has a quality keyless chuck.
  • Features durable construction.
  • Has a soft-grip handle for comfort.
  • Powerful motor and speed for tough applications.
  • Can be used to drill metal and wood as well as fastening jobs.


  • It can take time to get used to the drill.

Buying Guide

It is every buyer’s dream to find the product worth their bucks. Again, spending too much on your purchase isn’t always what anyone wishes for. However, without making it all about the money, we have to agree that we all just want a perfect product with great performance and satisfying value.

This, therefore, requires every buyer to be keen and selective before picking their target products from the market.

Specifically speaking of corded drills, there are so many brands and models present in the current market. Some of which are great products while others are literally trash.

So, to make things easier, our experts carried out thorough market research on top recommended drill features. And the results are discussed below as follows:

Robustness and Power 

The first and most important feature of any drill is its power. You need a robust drill whether you are drilling minor holes or working on a huge project. The power of the drill literally determines its general performance.

If you are looking for a great result, then it is essential to know the power variations of the products you are choosing from.

In our reviews of the top corded drills this year, we focused on top-performing drills with excellent output power. We picked the machines with robust operations and drills that can complete tasks without worrying about a thing.

The best part is, corded drills enjoy the advantage of maximum operational power over cordless machines.

Therefore, all you need to do is choose one with an impressive performance as compared to its competitors from the current drill market. Remember, you do not want the kind of drill that will keep you working for longer hours, even for the simplest tasks. The more powerful your drill is, the more time you will save on your projects.

Torque and Speed

The amount of torque put out by your drill sometimes doesn’t have any impact on your work. Not unless it determines whether you will end up damaging your project or workstation all together.

In fact, in the past, drills were designed without the room to control the amount of torque produced. You have to work with one torque on all your projects.

The problem was, some projects require moderate torque application. This is literally the same thing with the speed operations of your drill. In other words, the right corded drill should come with variable speed.

This allows you to gauge your speed on every operation, depending on their requirements.

When selecting your corded drill, ensure you go for the tool that will allow you to customize your operations depending on each project’s requirements. This will make it possible for you to get optimum results in all your work.

YouTube Video Credit: April Wilkerson

Size and Weight of Drill

The next feature to consider is the size and weight of your drilling tool. Actually, it is as simple as, the best drilling tool is supposed to be lightweight. The only challenge is, in most cases if not all, corded drills are always heavier compared to their cordless counterparts.

Approximately, the lightest corded drill almost weighs as much as the heaviest cordless drill does. That is between 3.5 to 4.0 pounds. This is so because of their relatively bigger and heavier motors.

What you need to understand is, normally, a corded drill should way something between 3-5 pounds. Any drill that weighs past that is considered extremely heavy and tiresome to work with.

Therefore, consider your kind of tasks and ensure you pick the best tool that will save you all the sweat and tiresomeness.

Remember, in as much as these corded drills are powerful, fast and dependable, and you won’t enjoy using one that is too heavy for you. Also, if the tool is too bulky and huge, it might end up inconveniencing you at your work station. Even finding its storage place becomes a hustle.

The Handle Type, Grip and Comfort

Another combo of features is the handles, the grip, and how comfortable it is using your drill. It is important to note that corded drills are designed with several handle types. Some of which include the T-handle, D-handle and spade-shaped handles.

Each of these handle types come with their advantages. The best handle type is meant to provide you with a more comfortable and sturdy grip.

And speaking of grips and comfort, it is essential to select the drill tool with a perfect and user-friendly grip. Handles designed with piston grips are literally the best drilling tools. Also, at this point, you need to consider your type of projects and daily tasks.

What you intend to use your drill for, directly dictates the kind of comfort to look for in your tool.

Cord Length

They are called corded for a reason. But first, you need to understand that it is true that cordless drills are more flexible and easier to move around with  while working .

To counter this, corded drills need to have relatively long cords to allow proper access to workstations. This will make it flexible enough and avoid having to plug and unplug it every now and then.

Again, looking at the length of the cord, you need to think about storage space and trip hazards while working. In as much as longer cords are more efficient, you don’t have to go for excess lengths. Keep it moderate and reasonable to avoid too many risks at work.

In other words, getting the best drill, whether corded or cordless requires keen selection. You have to walk into the stores, knowing exactly what you want. As far as cord length is concerned, you need to picture your workshop and workspace to be able to decide on what type of corded drill you actually need.

Best Corded Drill under $100 2

Lock-On Button and Reverse Trigger

Another factor you need to understand about your drill is that you get to use this tool for a lot of reasons. Interestingly, each task has its requirements. For you to have optimum results, you a drill that allows you to customize its performance as per the task at hand.

For instance, if you are working on a long term project and need to do some thorough drilling, a lock-on button saves you the hustler of having to reset the machine over and over.

In other words, the lock-on button is a necessity for your drill. In case you want to enjoy working continuously with a set drilling speed, then this is a feature to look for.

On the other hand, a reverse trigger is perfect for your drill operations. In as much as most drills have sided reverse switches, a great drill will function with a reverse trigger. This feature makes a corded drill even more dependable and top-performing.

Drill Chuck

And last but not least, let’s discuss what kind of chuck you will need for your corded drill. In a simple explanation, you need to consider the drilling tool with a bigger chuck. This helps in retaining larger bits, which makes your work more efficient and worry-free.

Remember, getting the drill with the right chick size means having worry-free operations, hence greater output. Also, you need to consider a keyless chuck. This gives you more retention during your operations.

With all these features, you can be sure to say that you got yourself a great drilling tool. And that is the way to go if you want to get great performance for your money. Note that, any drill can always do the job, but the right corded drill will handle your tasks and deliver optimum results.


What Is A Corded  Drill?

A corded drill is an electric tool intended to assist bore round holes, driving as well as fastening equipment together. It fastens tools like small bolts, screws, and nuts.

Which one should I choose between a cordless drill and a corded drill?

If you need to use your drill away from a power source, a cordless drill can be the best catch. If you need to work for long hours with a stable power supply, a corded drill is a real deal.

The advantage of the corded drill over the cordless drill

Corded work for long hours with a stable power supply, no need for batteries or backup.

The Disadvantage of Corded drill

Convenience, mobility, and needs wires to use. All other area’s corded drill is better.

Should i buy a corded drill for home DIY?

It all depends on what kind of work you want to do and if you are confused about this, you can read our article Here


In closing, I need to make some things clear. First, there are a lot more things every handy tool user needs to consider when purchasing a drill. This gets even more serious when looking for the best corded drill under $100 today.

Second, in as much as budget is an important consideration, you have to put more focus on performance and reliability. And lastly, know why and what you need a corded drilling tool for.

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