Best Jigsaw Blades For Plastic Guide For Beginners

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Searching for the best jigsaw blades for plastic reviews? Our experts collected many reviews about jigsaw blades for plastic and were shortlisted.

This recommendation is for those searching for their perfect jigsaw blades for plastic.

Best Jigsaw Blades For Plastic
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1LDEXIN 10-Piece T118A 7.7cm/3inch T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set Optimized for Extra-Clean Wood PVC9.6View On Amazon
220PCS T Shank Jigsaw Blades Set for Wood Plastic Metal Replace Bosch DEWALT Black+Decker TACKLIFE Makita SKIL and Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Jig Saws Includes 4 Each of T101B T119BO T144D T118A & T118B9.6View On Amazon
3BOSCH T102BF 3-Piece 2-5/8 In. 13 TPI Clean for Plexiglas Bi-Metal Jig Saw Blades9.4View On Amazon
450 Piece Contractor Jigsaw Blades Set with Storage Case9.2View On Amazon
5DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case9View On Amazon
6Diablo DJT102BF5 3-5/8 in. 13 TPI Bi-Metal T-Shank Jig Saw Blades for Plexiglass (5-Pack)8.8View On Amazon
720-Piece Universal Jig Saw Blade Set for Wood8.8View On Amazon
8BOSCH T102H 3-Piece 3 In. 10 TPI Clean for PVC High Carbon Steel Jig Saw Blades8.4View On Amazon
925-Piece Jigsaw Blades, Assorted T-Shape Shank Jig Saw Blade Set for Cutting Wood Plastic Fit for Bosch Compatible with Black+Decker Work with DEWALT and More8.4View On Amazon
1030PCS U-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set for Wood Plastic Metal Cutting8.2View On Amazon

Best Jigsaw Blades For Plastic Reviews

When we started our study, we discovered a variety of reviews. We took user comments into considerations while developing the Jigsaw Blades For Plastic, and in this post, we have selected just the best among them.

Jig Saw Buying Guide

Straight Reciprocating: Reciprocating motion of many jig saws is straight. Therefore, the blade reciprocates when the tool is used. This operation is ideal for fine cutting because of its precision. The price of a straight reciprocating jig saw is often lower than that of an orbital jig saw.

Orbital: An orbital jig saw’s up and down action is a two-way street. You may also move the blade forward and backward. As a result, the cutting motion is much more powerful.

Corded: Plugging a corded jig saw into an electrical socket provides electricity. These jigsaws are often more powerful. Since they are connected to an endless electricity supply, you may use them for hours without stopping to refuel. Lighter weight than comparable cordless machines mean less time lost to fatigue when using a corded jig saw.

Cordless: Battery packs power cordless jig saws, removing the need for an electrical outlet. This gives you added mobility and access to regions a corded jig saw would not reach. These jig saws are lightweight and compact, allowing you to transport them anywhere, even if there is no ready access to power.

Blade Types

T-Shank: A T-shank blade has a conical tang. The most popular kind of blade for jig saws is easy to swap out without any special equipment.

U-Shank: U-shank blades have a hole fashioned like a capital letter U at its shank’s bottom.

Useful features

You may notice an increase in your jigsaw’s efficiency after installing these upgrades.

Features like “Quick Blade Change” and “Bevel Adjustment,” which let you rapidly change blades and alter the angle at which you cut, are handy.

The saw’s dust port/collector keeps the work area clean; the saw’s variable speed adapts to the material being cut, and the saw’s guide light/laser projects a line onto the workpiece to aid precision. The material you will be cutting might affect your choice of jig saw and blade.

Plastic: You should use a multi-purpose blade specifically marked for plastic if you need to cut plastic. With this blade, you will not have to worry about the material melting or chipping as you cut.

Woods: A jig saw blade with broad, sharp, and widely spaced teeth is ideal for slicing through dense wood. Using a blade with smaller, closer-set teeth is best if you want to make precise incisions.

Metal: Choose a bi-metal jig saw blade designed for metal cutting if you need to cut through metal. For the sake of this, the required power is at hand. Check that the blade has sharp, closely spaced teeth well ground.

1. LDEXIN 10-Piece T118A 7.7cm/3inch T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set Optimized for Extra-Clean Wood PVC

For sheet metal 10-16 gauge (ferrous and non-ferrous), thin metals from 1/16 in. to 1/8 in. thick may be utilized.

Metal blades are the most cost-effective solution for cutting sheet metal and very thin metals (ferrous and non-ferrous).

High-speed steel structures are especially useful for straight cutting. For straight-line and quick cuts. Clean cuts in a wide variety of thicknesses are made possible by a progressive tooth design with a TPI range of 17-24.

You may cut soft or hardwood, chipboard, particleboard, plywood, and fiberboard using this machine in a straight and efficient manner.

2. 20PCS T Shank Jigsaw Blades Set for Wood Plastic Metal Replace Bosch DEWALT Black+Decker TACKLIFE Makita SKIL and Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Jig Saws Includes 4 Each of T101B T119BO T144D T118A & T118B

Bosch T5002 jigsaw blades are compatible with these five blades. Dual-sided, superior-quality blades provide two times more cutting surface area than those found in the Bosch T5002.

When making Cozzmts jigsaw blades, the carbon content of the steel is high, and the steel is made using time-consuming processes, including quenching and tempering.

If you’re dealing with thick or thin metal, you may use this tool (ferrous and non-ferrous metals). It’s fast and easy to use.

Without screws in the mounting holes, the saw blade’s T-Shank features five contact points for excellent grip and stability.

The jigsaw is a versatile addition to any toolbox because of the compatibility of over 90% of modern jigsaws.

3. BOSCH T102BF 3-Piece 2-5/8 In. 13 TPI Clean for Plexiglas Bi-Metal Jig Saw Blades

For cutting Plexiglas from 5/64 inch to 3/4 inch thick, the Plexiglas cutter is the tool of choice.

This instrument makes it possible to cut with precision and accuracy. Design of a back tooth with the ground and tapered back tooth In bi-metal alloys, life expectancy is outstanding.

Because of the side set and grinding teeth, cuts in wood and plastic are clean and rapid.

4. 50 Piece Contractor Jigsaw Blades Set with Storage Case

Set of 50 Jigsaw Blades for Contractors. Ensure that your daily requirements are met.

For optimum longevity in wood material for straight, clean, and speedy cuts, HCS-Made with SK5 high-carbon steel (50 times better than CRV).

Genuine HSS components are used in its construction. To provide long-lasting wear resistance and durability, high-quality production is required. When cutting metal, use good lubrication.

Razorblade for the Jig Saw T-Shank jigsaws is compatible with most major brands. T-shanks are compatible with BOSCH and DEWALT jig saws.

To keep the blades in order, the set includes a sturdy case.

5. DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case

T-Shank Jig Saw Blades from Dewalt in a Case of 14 (DW3742C). Comes with five different blade sets in total.

There are 6 and 10 teeth per inch on each blade, 4 inches long. They’re made from HCS, which is a synthetic rubber.

The blades are 3-1/2 inches long and feature 12 teeth per inch. The same HCS material is used to make them.

A bi-metal alloy is used to make the blades 3 inches long and has a tooth density of 18 or 32 per inch. Only wood and metal applications are suitable for these blades. applications

6. Diablo DJT102BF5 3-5/8 in. 13 TPI Bi-Metal T-Shank Jig Saw Blades for Plexiglass (5-Pack)

An ultra-hardened cutting edge may last up to five times as long as a regular blade.

Cutting without melting is now possible thanks to the blade’s heat-reduction design.

Heat and friction are reduced by up to 50%, thanks to Perma-non-stick SHIELD’s coating.

All combination saws and most U-jig saws with the T-shank may be used. In terms of performance, cordless and corded jigsaws are the finest.

7. 20-Piece Universal Jig Saw Blade Set for Wood

The U Shank Jig Saw Blade Set adds versatility and value to your jigsaw blade and saw application demands.

With over 90% of modern jigsaws being compatible, this is an essential item for any toolbox.

Blades in the set: 20 jigs saw blades 2 × 14TPI medium-cut metal; Non-ferrous metals: 2 x 18TPI medium-cut; 2 x 24TPI fine cut; 2 x 32TPI super fine cut 2 x 6TPI rapid cut; 2 x 8TPI medium-cut; 2 x 10TPI smooth cut The U shank shape of these blades gives optimum grip and stability while reducing breakage.

This tool comes with a sturdy Bosch tool case for blade storage. This jigsaw blade assortment offers utility and cost. Removes the need to drill a mounting hole to prevent breakage. Made.

8. BOSCH T102H 3-Piece 3 In. 10 TPI Clean for PVC High Carbon Steel Jig Saw Blades

Allows cutting PVC and vinyl up to 3/4 in thick It’s perfect for making crisp, straight cuts.

Shaped and tapered back teeth Cutting through soft materials with a high-carbon steel blade Optimized teeth spacing, shape, and cutting angle provide the highest possible speed, cleanliness, and performance.

Design with the ground and sharp back teeth. A T-shank design for optimal grip and stability is compatible with 90% of all modern jigsaws.

Ideal for use with PVC and vinyl up to a thickness of 3/4 inch.

9. 25-Piece Jigsaw Blades

 A variety of blades for wood, plastic, and soft metal sheet are included in our T525P SET Jig Saw Blades.

For delicate or general use woodworking and soft, thin metals, the T525P SET comprises 5 pieces each of the models T101B, T119BO, T144D, T118A, and T118B.

No mounting hole is required for a T-shank design, making it simple to install and remove without breaking your gadget.

These jigsaw blades are composed of high-quality materials, including high carbon steel and high-speed steel.

SET T525P Razor blades Fit with Bosch, DEWALT, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Metabo, Porter-Cable, and Craftsman jigsaws. Total 25 blades serve as a flexible addition to your tool collection.

10. 30PCS U-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set for Wood Plastic Metal Cutting

The saw blade’s U-Shank has three contact points for optimal grip and stability. Enhance the efficiency of woodworking while also increasing worker safety.

Jigsaw Blades for Contractors, 30 Piece Set. Ensure that your daily requirements are met.

Stainless steel: 3pcs x 14TPI medium-cut; non-ferrous metals: 3pcs x 18TPI medium-cut; stainless steel: 3pcs x 24TPI fine cut; stainless steel: 3pcs x 32TPI extreme fine cut; metal cutting a rapid cut with a TPI of 6 is available, as is a medium or smooth cut with a TPI of 8 or 10 for both wood and plastic.

Jigsaw blades are an excellent addition to any toolbox since they work with so many different jigsaws, from Bosch to DEWALT to BLACK+DECKER to CRAFTSMAN to SKIL to Milwaukee U Shank jigsaws.

Lowest price from the manufacturer! A 30-day money-back guarantee.


When you're looking for the Jigsaw Blades For Plastic today, things get even more serious, though.

Second, even though budget is important, you have to pay more attention to performance and reliability than the price.

Finally, figure out why and what you need a Jigsaw Blades For Plastic before buying one.

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