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Best Wood Auger Bits
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1IRWIN WeldTec Auger Wood Drill Bit 2" X 17" (1773959)9.8View On Amazon
2IRWIN SPEEDBOR Drill Bit Set for Wood9.4View On Amazon
3Pit Bull CHIAU0600 9-Inch Auger Drill Bit Set9.4View On Amazon
4WoodOwl 6 Piece Set with 3/8"9.4View On Amazon
5Diablo 3 pc Auger Bit Set (3-Piece)9.4View On Amazon
6IRWIN WeldTec Auger Wood Drill Bit 3/4" X 7.5" (1779341)9.2View On Amazon
7Drill Master 7 Piece Auger Bit Set9View On Amazon
8Diablo 1 in. x 17-1/2 in. Auger Bit8.8View On Amazon
9IRWIN WeldTec Auger Wood Drill Bit 7/8" X 17" (3043011)8.6View On Amazon
10SOMADA 1-Inch x 12-Inch Auger Drill Bit for Wood8.2View On Amazon

Comparison Chart for Best Wood Auger Bits

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1. IRWIN WeldTec Auger Wood Drill Bit 2″ X 17″ (1773959)

  • Each Weld Tec auger bit features a hard cutting edge welded to the base material
  • Auger drill bit features a long-lasting nail-cutting life
  • Wide flutes and a 7/16-inch quick-change impact shank make this a versatile auger drill bit
  • 2″ diameter
  • 17″ overall length

2. IRWIN SPEEDBOR Drill Bit Set for Wood

  • Three cutting spurs for faster, cleaner holes, less breakout, and extended drilling life
  • A full screw-point tip allows the bit to self-feed for ease of drilling
  • Shorter overall length for drilling in tight spaces. Ideal for holes up to 2″ deep
  • 1/4″ quick-change shank reduces slipping in standard chucks and is compatible with all 1/4″ quick-change chucks, including impact drills.

3. Pit Bull CHIAU0600 9-Inch Auger Drill Bit Set

  • Creates deep, clean holes quickly and cleanly in hard or softwood
  • Lead screw pulls the bit into the work eliminating extra pressure and strain
  • Use these bits with a hand or electric drill
  • It comes complete with a wood case
  • Sizes: 3/8″, 15/32″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, 25/32″

4. WoodOwl 6 Piece Set with Ultra Smooth Tri-Cut Auger Hand Brace Boring Bit

  • 6 pc set with 3/8″, 1/2”, 5/8″, 3/4”, 7/8″ and 1” diameter by 7-1/2” long Wood Owl Tri Cut Ultra Smooth Auger bits.
  • The patented Tri-Cut Ultra Smooth design has three precision ground cutting edges and three flutes engineered to optimize performance.
  • Tri-Cut design has three cutting spurs that score the outside of the cut producing extremely smooth holes.
  • The precision-cut lead screw pulls the bit straight and true through the material
  • PTEE coating minimizes friction and allows quick and easy cutting and chip ejection

5. Diablo 3 pc Auger Bit Set (3-Piece)

  • 3-Piece Set Offers 30% on Saving
  • Two-step cutting action for precise, clean holes in wood drilling applications
  • Deep flutes for fast chip removal
  • 7/16 in.
  • Set features # of bits: 5/8”, 3/4”, & 1”

6. IRWIN WeldTec Auger Wood Drill Bit 3/4″ X 7.5″ (1779341)

  • Single cutter and side lip are designed to bore holes in wood where nails may be encountered.
  • The hollow center flute clears chips quickly out of the hole.
  • Full-length heat-treated bit guards against bending in heavy-duty applications and strengthens the twist where the most significant strain occurs.
  • Short length allows the bit to be used in tight areas
  • Vast lands keep the bit straight as it bores through the hole.

7. Drill Master 7 Piece Auger Bit Set

  • Lead screw pulls bit into work eliminating extra pressure and strain
  • Specially heat-treated alloy steel resists damage from nails
  • 7-1/2″ length
  • 3/8″ hex shanks, 1/4″ bit has 1/4″ hex shank
  • Includes bit sizes 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″;

8. Diablo 1 in. x 17-1/2 in. Auger Bit

  • Two-step cutting action for precise, clean holes in wood drilling applications
  • Dura-Tip for extreme durability in nail-embedded wood
  • Dual cutting edge design for effortless, smooth hole drilling in nail-embedded wood
  • Deep flutes for fast chip removal
  • 7/16 in.

9. IRWIN WeldTec Auger Wood Drill Bit 7/8″ X 17″ (3043011)

  • Each WeldTec auger bit features a hard cutting edge welded to the base material
  • Auger drill bit features a long-lasting nail-cutting life
  • Wide flutes and a 7/16-inch quick-change impact shank make this a versatile auger drill bit
  • 7/8″ diameter
  • 17″ overall length

10. SOMADA 1-Inch x 12-Inch Auger Drill Bit for Wood

  • 1″ Diameter X 12″ Long Auger Drill Bit with a 7/16″ Hex Shank
  • Made of Carbon Steel. Solid Center Design for extra rigidity while boring.
  • Perfect for drilling into soft and hardwood, MDF, Plywood, Lumber, Railroad Ties, Landscape Timber, Installing PVC pipes, and Tree stump boring, for up to 10” deep holes.
  • Self-Feeding Coarse screw point designed for faster drilling.
  • The cutting flute is milled with hollow centers for faster chip clearance.

Wood Auger Bits Buying Guide

Choosing the correct Wood Auger Bits is not simple. Has your mind been spinning between purchasing options?

Wood Auger Bits in general, and more particularly, which model to choose? If this is the case, be easy that you are not alone.

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Only thorough research can guarantee that you are purchasing a suitable product. However, this is not always simple.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best Wood Auger Bits in today's market, on your side, so that you will have no more concerns.

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The products are not randomly picked. We analyze several factors before compiling a list. Several of the requirements are described in further detail below-

Torque: The main benefit of impact drivers over regular drills and drivers is torque.

That implies a tiny driver can drive a huge screw (or bore a big hole). 3/8 x 10-in. self-drilling lag screws sunk into cedar timber. Nulle pilotes, null.

Not simply for screwing- Drivers work well as drills. It's like a drill with little bits (up to 1/4 in. ), but at almost twice the speed.

They go into high-torque impact mode using larger bits, allowing you to bore large holes.Hand-free driving- With a normal driver, you must press firmly behind the screw. Unlike an impact driver, it will "cam out" and eat the screw head.

Torque is created via a hammer mechanism that also provides pressure. That implies less effort to prevent cam-out. Great for one-handed driving.

The last driver you'll need? Maybe. Some of our testers have already decommissioned their old impact drivers. When high torque isn't required, most of us opt for quieter basic cordless drills or drivers.

Soundproofing: Any drummer who uses an impact driver will cry. Wear earplugs or muffs—or obtain a hearing aid. Call it.

It's not a hammer: An impact driver operates and sounds like a hammer drill. But it can't replace a hammer drill. The driver is a torque generator inside an impact, not a violent forward blow.

Only hex shafts: You can change bits quickly by sliding the collar forward with an impact driver's chuck. You'll need hex-shaft drill bits. Nothing else works.

Small: The torque differential between 12- and 18-volt variants is large. Some 18-volt sluggers are as little as their 12-volt brethren.

Big torque in a little package: Our EXPERTS preferred the 18-volt variants.

Handleable: Much torque puts much pressure on your arm. Nope. An impact driver causes fewer wrist twists than a normal driver. Avoid getting a macho-man sensation when you successfully sink a large screw. A princess may do the same.

A combination kit: An impact driver alone costs a few dollars more than an additional screwdriver/driver/drill/hammer drill. This combo cost us just more than any tool alone.

We couldn't. Plan for effect- Get a hex-shaft accessory kit (drill bits, driver bits, socket adapters). Eventually, you'll need most of it, so purchasing a kit saves you money. Check the label and acquire a set that can handle impact drivers.

Difference: The difference is in the torque transfer. The engine and chuck are gear-locked together in a typical drill or driver. Light loads do not affect an impact driver.

When resistance arises, a clutch-like device briefly disconnects the motor from the chuck. The engine keeps turning and gaining speed. When the clutch releases, the chuck gains momentum. A similar-sized tool produces three or four times the torque when this occurs 50 times per second.

These are the factors upon which we have based our selection on Wood Auger Bits. Is it the end of our procedure?

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