This article will provide an in-depth guide on how to start a Stihl chainsaw. From the importance of correctly starting a chainsaw to the preparatory steps and actual process of starting it, this piece covers everything you need to know. Furthermore, it will also delve into troubleshooting tips and maintenance advice to keep your Stihl chainsaw running smoothly. This all-inclusive guide is designed to educate, entertain, inspire, and drive readers to understand and handle their Stihl chainsaw better.

How to Start a Stihl Chainsaw

Safety First: Protective Gear

When operating a chainsaw, safety should always be your top priority. Invest in a reliable safety helmet system to protect your head from any potential debris or falling branches. Additionally, wearing chainsaw chaps can prevent severe injuries in case of accidental contact with the blade.

Understanding STIHL Chainsaw Controls

Before starting your chainsaw, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with its controls. For a cold start, the positioning may differ from a warm start. Additionally, engaging the chain brake before starting is essential to prevent accidents.

Starting a STIHL Chainsaw

How to Start a Stihl Chainsaw: Step-by-Step Guide

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of starting your STIHL chainsaw. We’ll cover both the ground starting and the standing starting methods, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences and the specific situation.

Preparatory Steps

  • First, we need to cover some preparatory steps.
  • Checking the chainsaw includes ensuring the chain is sharp, the tank is filled with fresh fuel, and the bar oil reservoir is topped up.
  • Next, position the chainsaw safely on a flat, stable surface with the chain brake engaged.

Starting the Chainsaw

  • Now, to the exciting part. Setting the Master Control Lever to the cold start position is the first step.
  • Then, firmly hold the chainsaw while pulling the starter rope until you hear the engine’s first burble.

The Importance of Avoiding Drop Starting

Drop starting may seem like a convenient method, but it can cause serious damage to your chainsaw’s internal components. We’ll explain why it’s best to avoid drop starting and opt for the correct starting technique.

Avoiding Flooded Chainsaw Issues

Chainsaw flooding can be frustrating and prevent your chainsaw from starting. We’ll guide you through adequately using the choke, pulling the starter rope, and transitioning to idle to avoid flooding issues.

Knowing Your STIHL Chainsaw: Online Manuals

STIHL provides comprehensive online chainsaw manuals packed with safety and operational information. We’ll show you how to access these manuals, ensuring you have all the necessary knowledge before starting your chainsaw.

Critical Differences Between STIHL and Other Chainsaw Brands

STIHL chainsaws have unique starting procedures compared to other brands. Understanding these differences will help you handle various chainsaws with confidence.

Maintaining Your Stihl Chainsaw

Troubleshooting Tips: When Your Stihl Chainsaw Won’t Start

Have you ever had a moment when your chainsaw won’t start? Don’t panic. Our common issues and solutions section can help you troubleshoot and save a trip to the repair shop.

Are you having trouble starting your Stihl chainsaw? Don’t worry! Check out our article “How to Start a Chainsaw That Won’t Start: Chainsaw SOS” for valuable tips and solutions. It might be just what you need!

Maintaining Your Stihl Chainsaw

Taking good care of your Stihl chainsaw is essential to ensure its longevity. Our regular maintenance tips section will help you keep your chainsaw in shape. Also, knowing when to seek professional help is crucial.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you cold start a Stihl chainsaw?

Cold starting a Stihl chainsaw involves several steps. You start by activating the chain brake and removing the bar cover if your chainsaw has one. If you’re using a gas-powered chainsaw, the decompression valve, and primer must be pumped before you initiate the cold start. The master control should be adjusted, and proper hand and foot positioning should be maintained. Pull the starter rope until the chainsaw fires, and then readjust the master control.

What is STIHL easy to start?

STIHL Easy2Start™ is a feature designed to make starting STIHL tools easier by reducing the effort needed to start the tool. This system has a spring between the crankshaft and the starter rope that releases stored energy to aid in starting the tool, significantly reducing the pulling force needed.

How do you turn a STIHL on?

Turning on a Stihl chainsaw involves activating the chain brake, checking the fuel cap, and removing the bar cover for safety. You’ll need to use the decompression valve and pump the primer for gas chainsaws. Then adjust the master control, and pull the starter rope until the chainsaw fires.

Why won’t STIHL chainsaw start?

Several reasons can prevent a Stihl chainsaw from starting. Common issues include a lack of fuel, a spark plug problem, a flooded engine, or a dirty air filter. If your chainsaw isn’t starting, check these areas first.

How do you start a flooded STIHL?

Starting a flooded Stihl chainsaw requires you to switch off the choke and hold the throttle wide open as you pull the starter rope. This process helps clear the excess fuel from the carburetor, allowing the engine to start.

How do you check a spark on a STIHL chainsaw?

To check for a spark, remove the spark plug from the cylinder, hold it against it, and pull the starter rope. If the chainsaw works properly, you should see a spark across the spark plug gap. Ensure to wear protective gear while doing this to avoid any accidental injuries.


In conclusion how to start a Stihl chainsaw, starting a STIHL chainsaw correctly is vital for your safety and equipment longevity. Following the step-by-step guide and investing in proper safety gear ensures a seamless starting process every time.

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