Cordless drills are revolutionary tools that everyone needs in their households and workshops today. In simple terms, these are tools you cannot do without in your daily living. To elaborate this further, you require drills even to service other tools. That is why we have put together this buying guide and reviews to help you get the best 12V cordless drill easily.

Our team of experts researched and tested several brands and builds of 12v drills. Out of these sampled cordless drills, they then arrived at the below list of the top 12v cordless drills in the current market. This is not to say that you are limited to this list.

The truth is, there are a lot more drills out there that can serve the required purpose. But, our focus was narrowed to top best performers and dependable brands for over a decade.

1. Comparison Table of our Best Picks

Product Name Weight Editor’s Rating Price
Bosch Power Tools Drill kit (PS31- 2A) 4.73 pounds 4.6
Check Price
SKIL PWRCORE Brushless Drill DL529001 2.16 Pounds 4.6
Check Price
Bosch PS32-02 – Brushless Compact Drill 2 Pounds 4.6
Check Price
DEWALT DCD710S2 Drill/Driver Kit 2.43 Pounds 4.6
Check Price
ACDELCO ARD847 Drill/Driver 2.99 Pounds 4 Check Price
BLACK+DECKER GCO1200C Drill/Driver 1 Pound 4.3 Check Price
Makita FD02W Drill/Driver Kit 2.2 Pounds 4.4 Check Price
Portable cable PCL 120 DDC-2 Drill/Driver 5 Pounds 4.4 Check Price
BLACK+DECKER SS12C Drill/Driver 4 Pounds 4.2
Check Price

2. Best 12V Cordless Drill – Reviews for 2021

Lucky you, with this detailed guide and reviews, we have simplified the whole process. We have literally come to your rescue. This article will point you in the right direction and assist you in securing the best 12v drills in the current market, depending on however much you intend to spend. The following are our recommended products that you can consider buying.

I. Bosch Power Tools Drill kit (PS31- 2A)

First on our list is the Bosch ps31- 2A cordless drill. This power tool is one of the best cordless drills you’ll find on the market. The device comes included with a charger, two batteries, and a case. If you need a complete kit, then you will love this model. The two batteries will allow you to continue working on all your projects non-stop.

This cordless drill model is equipped with a reliable LED light that will provide a view of your Workspace in dim light conditions. It comes weighing only 2 lbs. You can get to work with it without getting fatigued that comes with holding the tool.

The size of the tool is also perfect to fit in tight and confined spaces. The two-speed motor can generate 0-350 and 0- 1300 revolutions per minute. This will allow you to drill and drive screws on any surface accurately.

The drill features a clutch that has over 20 settings to allow you to work on different projects. Aside from the two batteries included with the tool, it comes with an onboard fuel gauge. This will always remind you to recharge your drill battery to keep it ready for the next task.

The kit comes back with a one-year limited warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the tool doesn’t work for you.

II. SKIL PWRCORE Brushless Drill DL529001

Meet a cordless drill positioned for DIYer projects. It comes with a comfortable handle grip but the best comfort as you use the drill. The brushless motor will offer you a durable and compact power tool. It comes with a PW core 12 patent battery, which is reliable to help you handle any project.

The PW core 12 lithium battery technology also allows the battery to run for up to 25% more time compared to other models. Although the battery is sold separately from the drill, it is strong enough to keep your drill running for the longest time.

The drill comes with a compact and lightweight design. The size is suitable for handling tasks in tight workspaces. You will also not get exhausted in holding the drill. It is easy to start and use, as well. The hybrid chuck lets you change the bit in the shortest time possible.

It also comes with a variable speed trigger, which also allows you to have the best control as you handle different projects. The LED light will illuminate light to your Workspace to enable you to see clearly.

III. Bosch PS32-02 – Brushlees Compact Drill Driver

This impressive cordless drill refines the limits of a 12-volt drill. The drill comes with an EC brushless motor that can deliver up to 265 inch-pounds of torque. DC brushless motor will allow the drill to run longer on a charge, and it will deliver a lot more power than other cordless drills. It comes with 2-speed modes, the lowest reaching up to 400 RPM, and the highest rating is 1300 RPM.

There is more the variable speed trigger as well as the 20 clutch settings will provide you with full control on all your projects. The drill also features an ABS housing that is strong to withstand 10-foot falls. It is a high-quality brain that will serve you for years. Work without any fatigue from holding the drill thanks to its lightweight.

You can now work in low-light areas, all thanks to the steady LED light on the drill. Unlike other cordless drills, this mod doesn’t require you to run the motor to turn on the LED light. You can conveniently turn it on and off without running the drill. It comes included with 2 12 volt lithium batteries, magnetic bit holder, charger, belt clip, storage bag, and 4pc bit tip set.

IV. DEWALT DCD710S2 Drill/Driver Kit

Working with a cordless drill provides you with convenience since you don’t have to deal with cables. Again, you can transport the too to various job sites. The DEWALT DCD710S2 is an amazing 12-volt cordless drill you can consider adding to your toolbox. This drill is compact and it has a nice body that fits perfectly in most spaces.

You will also love the ergonomic and lightweight body that makes it easy to use it. The drill features a 15 position clutch that has a two-speed gearbox to give you better control. The tool also features a mounted LED to illuminate your work area and eliminate work area shadows.

It is packed with 12-volt lithium-ion batteries that provide quick charging. The batteries take between 30 minutes-1 hour to charge so you don’t have to wait longer to charge.

V. ACDELCO ARD847 Drill/Driver

This model comes with two batteries that will allow you to work non-stop as long as you keep the other battery on charge. The drill also comes with five clutch settings, which will give you control over some projects.

When you compare these settings with the other models on our list, you find that this model offers less, and therefore, it won’t be ideal for some tasks.

This drill comes with a hard-sided case for the best storage of the tool and other accessories. It features LED lights. However, they are not correctly placed, meaning they will not offer you the best lighting in dim light conditions.

The drill comes at an affordable price. However, its performance and power will disappoint you if you love to work with perfection.

Another great aspect of this drill is that it has a compact size which makes it easy to carry. It is also lightweight so people planning to carry the tool to the Jobsite will find it convenient.

The drill also features an anti-slip soft grip that helps you work comfortably. Additionally, it has a convenient spindle lock function and it comes with two battery packs.

VI. BLACK+DECKER GCO1200C Drill/Driver

Serious contractors rely on tools from top brands like Black and Decker. If you are searching for a dependable 12v cordless drill, the BLACK+DECKER GCO1200C is a nice selection. This is a tool that is suitable for a wide range of applications like driving and drilling.

This cordless drill has a variable speed design that provides up to 750 rpm to help you handle different types of materials. The drill is equipped with a 24 position clutch that ensures the screws don’t strip. Additionally, it features a keyless chuck to provide an easy and faster bit changing.

Just like any other power tool, comfort is essential to help you handle your projects to perfection. This model is equipped with soft grips that give you the comfort you need when handling various projects. You will also experience an easy time when installing and removing the battery.

VII. Makita FD02W Drill/Driver Kit

This Makita drill model is also another excellent 12-volt cordless drill for the money. Just like its counterpart, this kit also comes with two batteries and a case for easy transportation and storage.

The two batteries will enable you to keep drilling non-stop as long as you manage the charge correctly. Makita fd02w comes with a decent torque size of 200 in pounds. This is perfect for handling different tasks with ease.

The drill also comes with a soft grip handle that offers comfort to the user as they hold the tool. It is also ideal to be used in tight spaces thanks to its unusual size and design.

If you are looking for a drill with a battery that will run for long and has a lower self-discharge, then you want to get disappointed with this model. This drill only weighs 2.2 lbs giving you a lightweight tool to handle with ease.

FD02W is a variable speed motor that offers 200 inch-pounds of maximum torque. That’s not all; it also delivers 0-350 and 0-1300 revolutions per minute. The 18 clutch settings will provide you with the best precision on each project you choose to handle.

The tool also features a 3/8-inch keyless chuck for the best user experience. The LED light will illuminate light to your Workspace in dim light conditions. It also comes with a 3-year warranty as well as a 30-day refund in case you are not satisfied with the drill.

VIII. Portable cable PCL 120 DDC-2 Drill/Driver

What we love about this drill is the variable speed trigger, which doesn’t feature on our other three models. If you like to be in control of most of your projects, then you will be impressed with this feature.

With more than 20 clutch levels, we will be able to get the ideal torque you require for each project. The drill is only 2.4 lbs with the battery included meaning it won’t exhaust you as you work.

It comes with two-speed modes, which include 0-315 and 0-1200 revolutions per minute. The maximum torque on this drill is 220-inch pounds. This tool also comes with a mini toolbox that is perfect for storing small tools that you will always need for your projects.

The kit also includes two lithium-ion batteries that have the best run time, a 30-minute charger, double-ended screwdriver bits, and a belt hook. All these offer the best working experience.

The LED light will offer light for you to work in low-light areas. The kit also comes with a 3-year warranty plus a one-year free service contract. That’s not all in case the drill doesn’t satisfy you; you will get a cash refund within 90 days from the day of purchase.


This is another affordable cordless drill that you can consider checking. It comes at an affordable price to give you value for your money. This cordless drill utilizes SmartSelect Technology that allows you to select the speed setting by turning the dial.

On top of that, this drill has two variable speeds that have a variable trigger that makes drilling and driving in various materials.

The tool has a nice design and it is lightweight which makes operation easy. It is also comfortable to use because it is equipped with a soft grip that provides more comfort. Also, changing the bits is easy because the drill has a keyless check.

This drill also features a high torque motor that provides 130 in-lbs. when it comes to durability, it has quality components and the metal check ensures that it lasts long. If you want to remove or install the battery, it has a slide battery pack that makes your work easier.

3. Buying Guide

Like I said, walking into stores for purchase without a clue of what your money can be worth isn’t a good idea. This applies to all kinds of products and services. Actually, for a professional or handy tool, it could be an even bigger mistake.

Literally, your work’s output depends on the quality of your tools. That is why you need to carry out thorough market research before settling on the 12v cordless drill to buy.

Luckily, we had our professionals do all that for you. We have mentioned and discuss some of the most vital features to look for in the best drills. Whether you are a professional or you are just into handy works at home, these guidelines will make it easier for you to find the right tool.

Chuck Model and Size

This is the first feature and most important thing to look for in a drill. Not to mention a few more others that have been discussed afterward.

You need to know that the chuck determines the bits that can be inserted into your drill. This means that, if you have a drill with a keyed chuck, you will need a key every single you are changing the bits.

That is why we recommend cordless drills with keyless chuck. It is much easier and worry-free to operate. In fact, changing the bits becomes more simplified and makes your operations much faster.

Unlike the keyed chuck that will need you to remove your safety gloves to change the bits, keyless chuck allows you to do that with your gloves on.

Batteries – power score

These 12v cordless drills all being come with 12v lithium-ion batteries. This is enough power that get work done. Be it a professional task or personal project.

What you actually need to look for in a cordless drill is long-lasting batteries that can maintain their power during big projects. Remember, for these kinds of drills, and the batteries are the power.

On top of long-lasting power, you need an easy and fast recharge. Go for batteries with charge indicators and the ones that accept charge fast. This saves a lot of time if you need to depend on one cordless drill in between tasks.

YouTube Video Credit: Yimaler

Charging System

Apart from the type of batteries and voltages your cordless drill runs on, you have to look at the charging system keenly it comes with. In this feature, there are a lot of minor things to look at. Which, however, makes a huge impact on the handy worker.

Of course, we all appreciate the addition of charge indicators to current drills. This helps you monitor your power levels as well as charging time. However much this might seem ordinary, it isn’t.

Our team got in touch with experienced professionals and some homeowners who have been handy for quite some years now. Among them were some old-school vets who still had the old design of cordless drills. You will be surprised how serious they were about their drill charging time.

The charge indicator and fast charging improvements were some of their main concerns. They spoke praise about the technological advancements in today’s tools.

The truth is, the best drill should save you the stress and worry of half-full charging and inconveniencing power outages. That is why, with an indicator, you can program yourself and beat the hassles.

Motor Types

As you have seen, you can use your cordless drilling tool for almost every handy task at home or in your professional workshop. For instance, who knew you can use your drill to blow out dust or even mix paint and concrete? These tasks vary in intensity and duration they take.

Some are simple tasks that won’t bother your drill, while some are longer and straining projects.

Depending on the type of tasks you intend to handle with your drill, you need to consider the type of motor it is built with. What I’m saying is, your drill can either be with a brushed or brushless motor. And I need you to understand that there is nothing wrong with brushed motors or the drills that have them.

But when you intend to use your cordless drill for huge tasks and long-lasting projects, you should consider purchasing the one with a brushless motor. These types always win because they rarely heat up, hence being able to handle a chain of tasks.

cordless drill

Torque and Rate Ranges

This comes in handy if your drill has a good clutch. The torque it produces is directly proportional to how much power your drill generates. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you are using your drill for.

It can be for sanding, drilling small or big holes, or any other task. What is important is that your tool should be able to handle the most basic projects you bought it for. And that is where the torque comes in.

Nonetheless, go for a cordless drill that has good rate ranges. I mean, I just said you might need your drill for a lot more tasks than just drilling holes. And each task comes with its tool requirements. If you are unable to adjust your drill as per the task at hand, you won’t be able to get great results.

Variable Speed

And when you speak of different tasks and projects, it raises the point of variable speeds. Simply put, this allows your drill to be adjusted to fit different projects. Some projects will require low drilling speed while others will require high speed. Go for the drill that allows this function.

Remember, using a drilling tool with a fixed drilling speed can lock you out of a lot of task requirements. This makes you a handicapped worker. The only way to avoid being pushed to a corner with your drill is to solve the root problem. You can only do this by purchasing the right tool. And that is a drill with all the requirements you need for the tasks at hand.

Hand and Clutch

Lastly, let me put this one as direct as possible. The handle of your drill dictates your performance directly, and this determines the output. When referring to the handle, I mean everything from the grip, the clutch, piston, and so on.

These are essential features to look for in a cordless before putting your money on any brand or model. Remember, if you want great results in your tasks, your tool has to be user-friendly and comfortable to use. And that is where the handle and its design come in. Get a perfect handle, and you have a perfect machine.

However, some cordless drills come without the clutch, which can be very disadvantageous sometimes. Remember, the clutch helps in preventing stripping and also helps you avoid breaking the screws. That is why we rendered it very necessary.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion Best 12v Cordless Drill, After all, has been said and done, we need to look back and clarify a few things. First, there are so many 12v cordless drills in the current market. The second factor we need to make clear is the importance of a cordless drill to day-to-day living. Almost all American households use a drill at least once a week, if not daily.

However, finding the best 12v cordless drill might not be as smooth as it may seem. That is why we went through the hustle to put up this guide and reviews. Anyway, as long as you know exactly what to search for in a cordless drill, you have the upper hand in getting the best tool.

In conclusion, having gone through these drill reviews and buying guides, you are in a better position in making the right choice. Remember, finding the perfect tool for your projects will boost your productivity and results.

That is why it is essential to get these tips from the experts. Therefore, feel free to go through our list of top drills as much as you need to so that you can make your purchase decision.

Remember, purchasing drills online or from stores can get tedious and stressful. More so, when different manufacturers and retailers decide to give out misleading product information.

These situations lead to premature purchases, which sometimes do not give you the value worth your money.

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