Best Cordless Drill Under $50: Reviews & Buying Guide

Most woodwork projects are incomplete without the process of drilling. Having a high demand for the product means the market is perfect. It has led many drilling industries to start preparing the best cordless drill Under $50.

Some models have big batteries located at the handle. Many people may view it as a drawback. So, do you know what big cells imply? Its power is unbeatable.

Coming in various types and features, this product’s efficiency in performing tasks will amaze you. What’s even more interesting is that we provide the best at the friendliest price.

Best Cordless Drill Under $50

Note: Our reviews over Best Cordless Drill Under $50. However, when buying, the price may NOT be always under $50 because and its subsidiaries change the price from time to time.

1. Comparison of our Best Cordless Drill Under $50

Product Name Weight (Pounds) Editor Rating Price
Black+Decker 20V (LDX120C) 3.4 5 Check Price
Genesis GCD18BK Cordless Drill 4 4 Check Price
Avid Power MW316 20v Cordless Drill 2.2 4.4 Check Price
BLACK+DECKER (BDCDMT120C) 4.25 4.6 Check Price
BLACK+DECKER (BDCD8C) 1.3 4.5 Check Price
BLACK+DECKER (GCO18SFB) 4.8 4.4 Check Price
Ryobi P208 One+ Drill/Driver 3 4.6 Check Price
Teccpo TDCD02P 12v Compact Drill 4.3 4.3 Check Price
RIDGID R860052 Compact Drill 3 4.4 Check Price

2. Best Cordless Drill Under $50 – Reviews For 2020

I have top 10 Best Cordless Drill Under $50 recommendations. Check their detailed reviews and guide so that you can select the right one to suit your needs.

Black+Decker 20V (LDX120C)

Black + Decker is a reputable company that produces high-quality products. Black+decker LDX120C is one of the Best Cordless Drill Under $50 you can get. This cordless drill model is lightweight and high-performing. As a wood or metal worker, you know what that means.

The lightweight allows you to hold it with a single hand during operation. Don’t mind about which material it is ideal for. You can use it on plastic, wood, and metal. That is a perfect range of materials. This cordless drill utilizes a battery for power.

That’s why it is cordless, with no cable attachment which can confuse you during drilling. If you charge the battery fully, it allows you to operate the drill for as long as one hour. It is a powerful tool that you can use for a long period.

The drill features a clutch with 11 settings. When you compare the performance and the price of this product, it is a great deal.

Genesis GCD18BK Cordless Drill

Prepare to work for longer hours, even in the dark with GENESIS GCD18BK 18 volt cordless variable speed drill driver kit. It contains an LED light that is inbuilt, enhancing proper utilization at any time. It is a flexible product that can perform a variety of activities.

That makes it even better. We offer this product, which is characterized by 16 position torque settings. This product features a 3/8 chuck, which is considerably keyless. With the product, it gives you speed management from 0 to 550RPMs.

The variable speed trigger enhances this speed control. Considering that it also has an electric brake, the product is convenient for any type of user. We care about everyone’s needs. GENESIS GCD18BK 18-volt cordless variable speed drill/driver kit features a magnetic tray.

Why specifically a magnetic plate? A magnetic substance can easily attract bits and screws. The magnetic tray holds bits and screws for you. Its rubber grip design is in such a way that it can’t easily slip, meaning you are entirely in control of the drill.

The product comes along with a battery, a charger, and 13 pieces of driver/drill set. When fully charged, the battery can last up to 5 hours. That’s absolutely enough time for you to complete drilling tasks for the day.

We recommend this product, which is useful, convenient for any user, and easy to use, mainly if you have never used a drilling machine before. And also Best Cordless Drill Under $50.

Avid Power MW316 20v Cordless Drill

Have you ever imagined charging your phone through a drill machine? Well, Avid power 20v max lithium-ion cordless drill just made your imaginations real. We have done our research and proved that most drill machine users prefer lithium-ion batteries. Such a battery powers the product.

This battery contains a USB output. It means that charging your phone through the USB is possible. It also includes an indicator that shows the user the drill’s charging level. The product also features a 15+1 clutch settings position.

It makes the user gain control over the drill. With these clutch settings, it makes it possible for the exercise to be used in different types of materials. Be it metals, ceramic, dry walls, or hardwood. It makes drilling easy through any kind of stuff, even those that seem impossible to drill.

This is the best drill for home use for sure! This drill is very impressive, and yet you haven’t heard of its design. It is designed in such a way that it makes its weight light. Its design is also convenient for users to use it and experience no fatigue, especially for daily drillers.

It also contains a rubber grip, which makes the user have the most comfortable grip and easy to use with one hand. This drill also features a 0-550RPM variable speed trigger making it efficient for any user. The product also features electric brakes.

This Drills with lights (LED) offer to enhance visibility in dim working conditions. This product provides up to 3/8 inches of drilling. With a magnetic shaft, it improves flexibility to reach the trickiest places. Avid power is undoubtedly Best Cordless Drill Under $50 on the market today.

LACK+DECKER Cordless Drill (BDCDMT120C)

If you need a Best Cordless Drill Under $50 with unique features, the Black+decker BDCDMT120C will not disappoint you. It utilizes a unique feature, the matrix quick connects system. With this product, you can straightforwardly change its drill bits.

It comes with six attachments that can act as a sander, impact driver, router, trim saw the oscillating saw and a jigsaw. It also comes with a single drill driver. This cordless drill’s performance will surpass your expectations.

The drill also features a chuck that is keyless to enhance quick and easy changing of drill bits. A 20V battery of lithium-ion type powers this cordless drill. You can easily recharge the battery by using the cordless drill charger.

This battery is capable of giving you up to 800 RPM drilling speed. You can adjust the drilling speed depending on the material you are drilling. It features a clutch with 10 settings to ensure versatility.


We just can’t be through talking about the advantages of the Black+decker BDCD8C cordless drills. To experience all its advantages you have to get this power battery gadget. Trust us, you will thank us later when you see its performance.

It features a 1.5 AH battery of lithium-ion type. The battery allows you to operate the drill for a long time. Charging it is also a straightforward task. The cordless drills package comes with a charger.

It will offer you a maximum drilling speed of 15OO RPM. You can adjust the drilling speed at two levels. The torque of this product is also regulated able. The chuck is as big as 3/8 inches that requires no key.

Therefore you can change the bits simply. The cordless drill also allows you to have totaled over it with the help of a handle. The handle allows you to have a smooth but strong grip.


Black+decker GCO18SFB features are incredible. It features a reverse design for effective drilling. You can also use this cordless drill on a wide range of materials. Varying from metal to wood. The drill is powered by an 18V battery.

It also comes with a bag where you can store it after usage. Having a storage bag was a brilliant idea, right? You don’t have to spend extra cash on purchasing storage equipment. It is lightweight allowing you to hold it during operation without being fatigued.

To ensure that you change the drills faster, the cordless drill features a keyless chuck. The drill is also versatile. Do you want to know which feature supports versatility? Well, it is its outstanding 24 settings clutch. This product also features a magnet that holds additional bits for you.

The chuck size of the drill is 3/8 inches. This being an affordable product, you can go for it as a better option.

Ryobi P208 One+ Drill/Driver

Ryobi P208 One+ 18v lithium-ion drill/driver features a keyless chuck. It makes changing bits easier and quicker. All you need to do is to place the bit in the chuck, clutch it, and make the drill lock activated.

The products provide effectiveness that can’t be guaranteed by any other drilling tools. 24 torque positions also characterize it. With this, you can make sure that the product’s working will be enhanced.

This product also contains a two-speed gearbox. The speed gearboxes are also variable. It means that it is fit to be used by a variety of users, from construction site users to home users.

It takes into consideration all types of users’ needs. This product also allows users to use different types of bits. That makes it more efficient. In a Ryobi P208 one+ 18v lithium-ion drill/driver, they call it a ‘magtry.’

It is a magnetic tray that holds additional bits and screws when performing other tasks. It makes your work easier. This product also has a rubber grip. With the grip, you can even say bye-bye to slipping when doing your job.

It means that you are the controller of the drill; it doesn’t control you in any way. Its lightweight makes it easier for you to carry it around. This product also features an LED light. With that, working in the darker condition is catered for.

It also means that the accuracy in performing drilling tasks is enhanced. For reliability, we suggest you get a Ryobi P208 One+ 18v lithium-ion drill/driver as it even contains a NiCad or lithium-ion battery. We trust that most users prefer a lithium one, which is in this product.

Teccpo TDCD02P 12v Compact Drill

Teccpo is another Best Cordless Drill Under $50 is a 12v battery-powered drilling machine. The cells are lithium-ion type, which gets charged up very fast and holds the charge for a relatively long time. Its clutch is about 240lbs. Its lowest speed is 0 to 400 RPM while its highest is at 0 to 1350 RPM.

The minimum and maximum speeds are managed by two-speed gearboxes. The user can also control the drill’s speed for different types of materials through the help of the variable-speed triggers. Its clutch is a 20+1.

Unlike other drilling machines, this product’s chuck is self-locking. The chuck itself is 3/8 inches- the chuck’s self-lock characteristic bits placing and unloading easier. There is a LED night facing at the front to enhance visibility. This improves your accuracy even when in dark conditions. 

This product’s handle is rubberized, and it is soft. This condition is convenient for you to work longer hours without being afraid of getting sores. This drill is perfectly balanced; therefore, you can be guaranteed that it provides excellent working conditions to help you produce the best results.

We deliver this package to you with some accessories, which include; 8 sockets, 10 bits for drilling, two lithium-ion batteries, a shaft, and a carrying case. This is the best for all home users.

RIDGID R860052 Compact Drill

The body of a cordless drill determines its durability. Cordless drills with a Plastic body may not last longer than metals ones. The Ridgid R860052 cordless drill has a body made of metal. That means that you will use it for a long time without its value depreciating.

It also features a comfortable handle that ensures that the user has a perfect grip and total control of the cordless drill. The cordless compact drill also features a keyless chuck. If you need to change the drill bits, you can do so easily.

No need to start searching for tools to help you change the bits. The chuck size is ½ inches. You also get a two-sided drill bit which helps you do a variety of tasks. The drilling speed can go up to 1500 RPM.

That speed is perfect for any type of material. The speed is changeable at two gears.

3. Buying Guide

There are various characteristics that people look for in drills when making their selection. Choosing the right drill sometimes requires that you do a thorough evaluation and analysis based on your most preferred characteristics.

You should consider factors such as power, battery, and weight for cordless drills, among others. The way you prioritize the features also matters a lot.

Certain features are obviously more important than others, depending on your preference or on the kind of projects you would like to use the machine for. This guide has been designed to enlighten you on how to choose the best cordless drill under 50.


Before you narrow your search to considering the little things, you should begin by considering larger factors such as drill types. Cordless drills come in many different types.

You should consider the various categories of cordless drills that may include light-duty, heavy-duty, and general use. It is easier to determine the purpose of an under 50 cordless drill if you know its chuck size and voltage.

But since you may not find a heavy-duty drill within this price range, they can still be categorized based on the tasks that they can be used for. For instance, some can be used to bear numerous holes in wood.

Others can be used for driving screws. Also, some are used for making jewelry. Though most of these drills are multipurpose, it is important to choose a model that is most suited for the kind of task that you would like to use it on.


Depending on the kind of project you want to use the drill for, you can choose the right equipment for the job based on their power. Cordless drills under 50 come in various powers, with some models being more powerful than others.

The ability and capability may range from one model to another and can be measured in terms of power. The more power you can get from your drill, the better.

It may seem impossible to find a drill within this price range that is powerful enough to make holes in concrete or metal. However, you still have to look for the most powerful one within the price range.

If power is an important aspect of your project, consider choosing a drill that has power as its most notable strength, even if that power is nothing compared to that of the more expensive counterparts. In other words, when looking for the right drill under 50 Dollars to purchase, you should select a model that can handle the common drilling tasks around the house.


Since this buyer guide focuses on cordless drills, the battery automatically becomes an important thing to talk about too. The battery can be measured in terms of size, capacity, life, and how long it takes to charge or how long it stays with charge.

When the power is high, battery energy gets used up fast too. That is why you also need to consider the size of the battery in these drills. Some batteries are larger than others by up to 50 percent.

The existence of such a big variance is a clear indication that the battery comes in many different sizes from which you can choose based on how hard you will be using the drill. The larger the battery size, the greater the increase in run time.

The type of battery also matters. Lithium-ion batteries are the most preferred type. In fact, they are the gold standard in tools. They charge fast and provide a longer run time.

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You definitely have a better deal if the drill comes with its own accessories so that you only buy others separately if you so wish. But at least you will have something to start with when a drill comes with its own accessories.

The amount and quality of the accessories included can be what makes all the difference for a user who is trying to choose the best cordless drill under 50 dollars.

The quality of the accessories that come with the drill is not often that great, though it is always cheaper to buy them with the drill than to buy them separately. If you do not have extra money to spend on purchasing bits separately, you should purchase a drill that comes with its own bits.

The same applies to other accessories. However, if the quality of the accessories is not satisfactory or if they cannot stand up to all kinds of work that you may want to throw at them, you can always buy better accessories separately.


Most of the time, drill users prefer models that offer maximum versatility. The more functions a drill offers, the more convenient it can be. If you have a project that combines a wide variety of functions, purchasing a drill that can handle more functions is cost-effective in that you will not need to buy different tools for each function.

Therefore, greater drills, in this case, are those that offer a wide range of functions. However, it is wise to choose a drill that offers the most important functions for your project. Drills with fewer functions have strengths too.

They are more effective in the provision of the few functions that they offer. 3/8 inch chuck models are often sufficiently adjustable to handle high torque projects and perform tasks that require high speed.

For a drill under 50, at least more than one-speed setting is necessary. Speed and torque are often mutually exclusive. You can get drill driver combos with multiple clutch positions and can be set for torque and rpm to suit various tasks. You can set it to a high torque/low rpm regime if you want to drive screws and set it to high rpm if you want to drill holes.

men doing woodworking


How comfortable you feel with the tool in your hand and how this makes it more useful for you is crucial too. You need to mind how easy or comfortable the tool is to handle. Analyze the tools for weight and balance. Consider their grip and comfort. There are drills designed for right-handed people while some are for left-handed people.

The handling is often determined by the materials used in making the drill plus the quality of engineering put into its construction. Since these two factors affect both the tool’s efficiency and durability, handling is automatically affected too. Generally, for a drill to be more effective in task execution, it should feel comfortable and sturdy when you hold it.

Try holding it with its battery clipped on to see if it is lightweight and comfortable to use for long hours. It should feel both light and secure. Though cordless drills are heavier than their corded counterparts because of the battery, you can still find a lightweight among the heavy.

Similarly, the handle should have a rubber component for more comfort and to reduce fatigue, especially during longer use.

Care and Maintenance 

Taking proper care of your tools can elongate their life. Each tool may have unique maintenance requirements. Therefore, when you purchase a new drill, take your time to understand it. Go through the maintenance instructions carefully.

Buying a cordless drill is an investment. Therefore, taking good care of it is taking care of your finances. In the long run, you will benefit more if you took good care of your tools. This includes storing it properly and keeping everything in the right place when you are not using them.

Similarly, if there are parts that need regular cleaning or lubrication, do so without delay. Some drills are easier to care for and to maintain than others. So when you are choosing the perfect drill, consider how easy it is to maintain.

Most of them come with a suitable storage case. Designed to keep the machines safe, such cases are usually customized to offer maximum protection. The case also keeps the tool-free from debris. In a real sense, you are not supposed to leave the drill exposed to the elements.


The purpose of a cordless drill is to turn bits. Depending on the drill, it can accommodate one or more bits for cutting, mixing, drilling, and driving. They also come in different sizes. You need to check if the drill you choose accommodates the bit size that you are planning to use on your project.

The machines come in different designs too. The materials from which they are made greatly influence their durability and effectiveness. Likewise, you should consider the availability of components such as lighting and dust collection system.


What Is A Cordless Drill?

A cordless drill is a wireless electric tool intended to assist bore round holes, driving as well as fastening equipment together. It fastens tools like small bolts, screws, and nuts.

What is the difference between a cordless drill and a corded drill?

When it comes to a corded drill in the market today, they are better choices regarding power. However, for convenience, the cordless drill is on the top of the list.

Which one should I choose between a cordless drill and a corded drill?

If you need to use your drill away from a power source, a cordless drill can be the best catch. If you need to work for long hours with a stable power supply, a corded drill is a real deal.

Can a cordless drill perform hammer drilling tasks?

Yes, if the drill has a hammer drill option. Just use a hammer setting when you need to drill into masonry or bricks. Note that you should always employ masonry bits while using the hammer action mode.

Do all cordless drills offer batteries and chargers?

No, all cordless drills don’t offer batteries and a charger, you have to buy separately.

Are the drills water-resistant?

No drills are not waterproof, but you can buy waterproof drills from the market.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion on Best Cordless Drill Under $50, To choose the best cordless drill under $50, you have to consider the weight, size, speed, chuck, and grip. Examine your needs first and select that best suits them. Bearing in mind that most cordless drills are lightweight, this makes their demand increase with time. Everyone wants the best.

We offer you most of these drills well packages with useful accessories that will help you in drilling tasks. Some of these drills are heavy-duty, while others are not. You should, therefore, purchase according to the type of jobs you want the drill to perform. These products are battery-powered, and when in use, their features will amaze you.

These drills have proved that you can still find a very budget-friendly drill that you can rely on to perform tasks effectively. We recommend these under $50 cordless drills, but the choice is yours to make. We deliver quality products right where you are.

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