How To Drill A Square Hole In Wood – 6 Proven Techniques!

Are you interested in cutting a square hole into your next project? Check out this DIY guide on how to drill a square hole in wood.

In the article, the reader learns that they can use a drill to create a square hole in wood by using a jigsaw as a guide for the drill.

Luckily for our readers, there are many ways to drill a square hole in wood without purchasing a specialized tool. The tools required for this job are a drill and a large wood chisel or a chisel and a mallet.

Of course, this may be a chore to some people, but it will become a piece of cake after a bit of practice!

How to make a square hole in wood – Square Hole Punch

A fantastic new tool for making square holes in wood, the square hole punch makes it easier than ever to drill a square hole in wood, saving you the hassle. Square hole punches work using a mortise machine’s principle but can be used just as quickly with a cordless drill.

Nevertheless, square hole punches are relatively inexpensive and easy to use and do the job adequately for a simple household drill.

A square hole punch is a hole punch specifically designed to produce square holes of up to 1/2″ depth. They are best suited for drilling decorative square holes in wood.


Find the perfect drill to give your work a professional finish. Get professional results with the set of drill bits and Cordless Drill and Frame Guard!

How to Do It

  • Drawing a frame guard is a crucial step when drawing a square.
  • The perfect square punch can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your project.
  • Aim for a drill bit slightly smaller than the punch.
  • How do you remember to stay centered? If you want to get that perfect-looking pattern, the simplest thing to do is drill in the square’s center.
  • Now, as you know, you must place the punch over the square.
  • It would help if you hammered the punch until it was satisfactorily round.
  • To prevent any potential dangers from insects and other beasts, make sure to remove any excess wood from the hole.

Drill square hole in wood – Drill and Chisel

Though you can use a chisel to drill a square hole in wood, it is not the ideal tool for the job when the material is particularly thick. Are you looking for a solution to drilling a square hole in wood?

Assemble a cordless drill with a chisel for a quick and easy project that won’t cost you too much money. For those without a cordless drill, use this list of cordless drills under $50 to find the right one for you.

Tool to cut a square hole in wood

You will need a cordless drill, drill bit, chisel, and a framing square for this project.

How to Do It

  • Draw a square with the frame square to get started.
  • Now grab the drill bit that is not as big as the square.
  • Locate the center of the square, then use a drill to penetrate the woods.
  • It is wise to stop drilling if there is little wood left on the corners, lest you want to risk blowing up the cube.
  • If you see more wood on the corners, drill more holes in the sides.
  • To create your masterpiece, use the chisel to remove the wood from the corners of the frame.
  • “Before you seal the deal, use sandpaper to smooth out the hole.”

How to make a square hole in wood – Drill and Saw

Most holes will be round, so when the square hole you want to drill is significantly large, it’s essential to be prepared for all occasions.

The drills and saws will be the perfect tools for any home repair, whether you are repairing thick or thin wood sheets.

When trying to use a cordless drill, the process is quite simple, but to use a cordless saw correctly, you’ll need some experience. You can cut along a straight line on scrap wood until you have a steady hand to get a good start.


You can find ideas for these types of projects by browsing this Cordless Drill, Cordless Circular Saw, Frame guard, and sandpaper.

How to Do It

  • Before you start drilling, use the frame guard to draw the square you want to drill.
  • Please choose an appropriate drill bit for your cordless drill and install it.
  • Start by placing the drill bit on one of the corners of the square. Apply pressure to the drill bit to ensure the drill head does not slip and drill through the item.
  • Repeat the process for every corner of the square.
  • Using this hole as a starting point for the saw may help you cut the shape easily.
  • It’s time to put on your dreidel. The best way to do that is to cut through the wood along the line of the square.
  • Keep repeating the instructions for each side of the square.
  • Finally, use sandpaper to smooth out the area around the hole.

Everyone’s Issues with Drilling a Square Hole in Wood 

  1. Difficulty in maintaining square shape: One of the most common issues individuals have while drilling a square hole in wood is keeping the hole square. This can be challenging since the drill bit tends to wander, resulting in an unevenly shaped hole. 
  1. Difficulty in making exact cuts: Making accurate cuts is another issue that individuals confront while drilling a square hole in wood. This can be difficult because the drill bit might slip or the wood can fracture, creating an irregular hole. 
  1. Finding the right drill bit: Finding the right drill bit for drilling a square hole in wood might be difficult. There aren’t many square drill bits available, and those that are might not be appropriate for the sort of wood being drilled. 
  1. Keeping the drill bit level: Keeping the drill bit level might be difficult when drilling a square hole in wood. This might create an uneven hole as well as the wood to fracture. 
  1. Controlling the drill speed: Controlling the drill speed can be difficult when drilling a square hole in wood. A slow drill speed might generate an uneven hole, whereas a high drill speed can split or burn the wood. 

As well as their solution 

  1. To keep the hole’s square form, use a jig that directs the drill bit to stay square. Using a drill press with a square jig can also aid to maintain the drill bit level and in the proper place. 
  1. To create precise cuts, use a square jig or a drill press to keep the drill bit level and in the proper place. Furthermore, using a sharp drill bit and drilling slowly might assist in reducing the chance of sliding or breaking the wood. 
  1. To discover the perfect drill bit, investigate several varieties of square drill bits and choose one that is appropriate for the type of wood being drilled. Furthermore, visiting a professional or an expert in woodworking may assist in determining the optimum drill bit for the project. 
  1. Using a square jig or a drill press can assist in keeping the drill bit level and in the precise place. Furthermore, using a sharp drill bit and drilling slowly might assist in reducing the chance of sliding or breaking the wood. 
  1. Use a drill press with customizable speed settings to manage the drill speed. Furthermore, drill on a scrap piece of wood before drilling on the final piece to obtain a feel for the right speed for the type of wood and drill bit used. 

How to cut a square hole in wood – Chisel

Using a chisel for woodworking can be a very beneficial way to produce a square hole. However, a chisel is a tool with a particular user. It may not always be the best option for your woodworking project.


Tools and Hardware: When you need to make a square hole in the wood, ensure you have the right equipment: a chisel, a framing square, a sledgehammer, and sandpaper.

How to Do It

  • Create your idea and frame it with a framing square.
  • Take your best shot, shooting the chisel at the corner of the square!
  • Swing the sledgehammer at the chisel 
  • Be careful not to bounce. Just keep on tapping until you reach the bottom of the sheet.
  • To avoid confusion and work more efficiently, repeat the steps for each corner of the square.
  • You should probably take out the square.
  • Remove any rough edges with sandpaper.

Drill square hole in wood – Mortiser Machine

One of the cleverest ways to drill a square hole in wood is to use a mortise machine. Woodworking professionals perform the professional technique to get perfectly square holes in wood without putting in a lot of time and energy.

Despite being quite expensive, they are worth the investment if you are seriously taking up woodworking as a hobby or a profession.

A mortising machine is a simple tool that uses a circular drill bit enclosed in a square chisel to give you perfectly square holes


Get a Mortise Machine, and Mortising Chisel Set to get going.

How to Do It

  • Start by drawing a line with a pen to mark your square on the wood.
  • Assemble the chisel and drill bit to the machine such that the tip of the auger bit leads the chisel.
  • Consider setting the work on some wood clamps, so the wood doesn’t lift when removing the chisel.
  • Don’t sweat it! If you want to, start drilling using the machine. But, if the square you want to drill is the same size as the chisel, you can stop after drilling once. But, if the square is bigger, drill multiple holes.
  • You must use a sequence with wood on four or two sides of the chisel and never three sides.

How to make a square hole in wood – Router

Now, I’ll show you how to cut square holes. Might as well get this over with because it’s the last and final way for us! Ready? As with any skill, it’s crucial to be persistent. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert – keep at it and don’t give up!

It can turn out rather complicated in an exciting way if done right, so keep reading for some tips on how to make this tricky task more accessible than ever before. If you don’t have experience with routers, this technique might not work for your network.

When to Use This Technique

Cutting shapes into wood is a great way to make designs using routers, especially for thicker pieces of material. That’s because routers have great electric motors that can do the job in seconds rather than minutes!

How to Do It

You should keep in mind that the template on your router table has to be precise. This will determine how clean a cut it produces and what type of material can go through its course, so make sure this won’t affect either end before creating anything!

  • The router bit template guides are perfect for making a hole with the right size every time! It’s so easy, even if you have never used one before.
  • To create the layout for this template, use square dimensions.
  • To draw a line using this template, start by adding 0.35 inches line.
  • To start cutting, drill a pilot hole in one of the corners of your square. This will serve as an initial guide for making precise cuts down to desired sizes.
  • Once you have the square and your router fence aligned with it, use a pilot hole to help guide them in their intended position.
  • To cut a long line of the square, plug in your router and switch it on.
  • Rotating the square with your router will allow you to make straight, clean cuts through another line.
  • Once you’ve drawn a square, repeat Steps 1-3 on all four sides.


Now you know How to Drill a Square Hole in Wood. So the next time you need to drill a square hole in wood, keep these tips and tricks in mind. You’ll be able to cut the perfect size every single time with ease.

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