There are many types of drill bits in the market; choosing the best drill bits for woodworking can be complex. Luckily, if you’re looking for an incredible selection of products, you came to the right place. They have drill bits for woodworking that are perfect for any project you are working on. Their products are well-made and come at great prices.

To give you an idea of what to expect from them, here is a breakdown of their best drill bits for woodworking.

Types of Drill Bits for Woodworking

When it comes to woodworking, choosing the right drill bits can make a significant difference in the outcome of your project. Here are some types of drill bits often used in woodworking:

  • Brad Point Drill Bits: These bits are perfect for precise drilling in wood. The Brad point design helps to position the bit accurately and prevents it from “walking” across the wood.
  • Forstner Drill Bits: Forstner bits are ideal for drilling flat-bottomed holes or holes that do not go through the wood. They’re also excellent for overlapping holes.
  • Spade Drill Bits: Also known as paddle bits, these are used for drilling large-diameter holes in wood. They’re handy for rough carpentry installations where finish isn’t a concern.
  • Hole Saw Bits: Ideal for drilling large diameter holes, hole saw bits cut smooth, precise holes and are commonly used in door knob installations or for creating access holes in carpentry.
  • Auger Bits: Auger bits are designed to quickly drill deeply into the wood and create a clean hole. They’re particularly useful when working with hardwoods like oak or walnut.

Each type of bit serves a different purpose, and having a variety of them in your toolbox will ensure you are prepared for any woodworking project.

Key Features to Consider

When selecting drill bits for woodworking, there are several key features to consider:

  • Material: The material of the bit affects its durability and performance. High-speed steel (HSS) is a common choice due to its toughness. In contrast, carbide-tipped bits are preferred for their superior cutting performance, especially in hardwoods.
  • Size and Length: The size and length of the bit should match the requirements of your project. Bits come in various diameters and lengths for different hole sizes and depths.
  • Point and Cutting Angle: The point and cutting angle can affect the accuracy and finish of the hole. Brad-point bits, for example, have sharp points for precise locations. In contrast, Forstner bits have a unique cutting design for flat-bottomed holes.
  • Shank Type: The shank is the part of the bit that fits into the drill. Straight shank bits fit most drills, but hex or SDS shanks provide better grip and reduce slippage in high-torque applications.
  • Coating: Some bits have coatings, such as black oxide or titanium nitride, which reduce friction and increase durability.

Remember, the right bit can make your woodworking project smoother and more efficient, so choose the most suitable one.

Best Drill Bits For Woodworking- Reviews for 2021

Drilling through wood is not an easy task. As a result, you need to have a powerful drill bit that is specifically designed for wood.

Wood drill bits are always great, but you might want to try these ones that will offer the best results. Check out our reviews of the top 10 products that you can pick.

DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

DEWALT DWA1184 Drill Bit Set is a set of 135° split-point drills on contact and prevents walking. We now offer tools with a black oxide coating to provide you with the best protection for those times when you need your tools to last as long as possible. This is because this durable black oxide coating prevents corrosion and makes your tools last through the most challenging jobs without any rust.

The innovative design of the Parabolic Flute Design is a symbol of innovation, as it was created to produce the latest innovative technology for chip ejection. It also works for tough materials like steel, metal, and wood drilling applications. Examining the 31° curve at the base of Helix will reveal its sleek geometry. This angle has been specially designed to reduce the ineffectiveness of an actual parabolic flute.

DEWALT DWA1184 Drill Bit Set comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty will be in effect if you ever have any issues with the products; please get in touch with the company directly to solve this problem.

BLACK+DECKER BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set

This Black & Decker BDA91109 Combination Accessory Set is an ideal toolkit for households with simple DIY projects. The 109 bits are made of steel, so they are great for woodworking, metal, plastic, masonry, and screw driving. It is effortless to control the depth of your screw holes since there are separate depth indicators that you can adjust before you start drilling. This prevents over-drilling and makes it much easier to drill holes in a specific depth.

This drill bit set comes with a durable, portable hard case with extra storage for the bits so that they can be taken to any location. The case also has slots on the side to hold the bits, not lost easily. The bits are high-speed steel and heat-treated for added durability so that they will last a long time.

For beginners, this drill set comes with instructions on how to use it. No question about it; the instructions are clear and easy to follow. This great tool kit contains many tools that can be stored inside a durable and robust case. To make using simpler, it comes with storage pockets to make sure all mechanisms are organized. It protects them from breaking or getting dirty.

Bosch MS4034 34-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set

In this sturdy box, you will find a wide range of tools, including both driver bits and drill bits, as well as a selection of accessories to help with several different drilling and fastening applications. Using split drill bits will allow for quick starts to the drilling process, making them suitable for various materials, like wood, metal, masonry, and more. Solid carbide drill bits also minimize the amount of heat generated when drilling.

You’ll never have to worry about stripping screws again because the included driver bits feature designs to lessen damage to the screw head and provide better bit gripping power. They are made from high-quality; American-made steel and feature a unique double-hardening process that makes them highly durable. What if I told you that this set of bits and accessories could be used in various locations, from the garage to the workshop to the home.

The Complete Bit set is a tough Jobsite case for secure storage, easy access, organizing, and portability. With the included removable components, you can take the full range of bits wherever you need them for carry-along convenience. Tools to make your work more straightforward: includes 1 in. Insert Bits, Bit Holder, Sockets, Socket Adapter, Countersink, Black Oxide Drill Bits, Rotary Masonry Drill Bits, Brad Point Bits.

ZELCAN Step Drill Bits, HSS 5PCS Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

CO-Z has created a valuable set of drill bits for woodworking hobbyists. With different-sized shanks, these drill bits can be used with all standard sizes of chucks for quick and smooth drilling. The drills are non-walking, so they don’t leave marks on the drilled board, and the bit’s design includes a marking spot to make it easier to know where to drill. These bits also come in a well-organized case for easy transport and storage. What’s also convenient about this tool is switching the shanks with three different chuck sizes. This is great because it means you can select the size that best suits your project, depending on your needs.

The case is made of hard plastic that comes with a softcover. What’s to like about the CCS Tools Magnetic Bit Set? This is an excellent set for building projects or building things regularly. The bits are magnetic, which helps to make them easier to use. The Verdict If you’ve ever thought drilling holes in boards was too difficult for you; then this set is the perfect way to get over that fear. The case makes it easy to organize them, and the bits help leave you with a professional-looking result.

DEWALT DW1587 Spade Drill Bit Assortment

Many individuals have opinions on the best drill bits for wood. One of these is the DEWALT DW1587 Spade Drill Bit Assortment. The DEWALT DW1587 Spade Drill Bit Assortment offers six standard sizes for versatility, as well as a paddle hole for easy wire pulling and bit storage. This heavy-duty, heat-treated shank is the perfect tool for the durable individual who is sick of dealing with bends and breaks. The DEWALT DW1587 is a must-have for any woodworker. Your work will be much easier and much more fun if you have this on hand. Its corners are chamfered to prevent nail impacts. The paddle hole allows for easy wire pulling and bit storage.

The more modern shank of the 1/4″ ball groove provides for fast and painless bit changes, and its precision and clarity are undeniable. Since Cubitron is self-sharpening, manufacturers can offer their customers lifetime guarantees for these tools. This makes them very durable and easy to use, as well. In addition, these drill bits are packed in a durable storage case that makes it easy to take them from the shop to the Jobsite. Many reviewers of the DEWALT DW1587 Spade Drill Bit Assortment say that they are delighted with the quality of these woodworking drill bits.

One reviewer claims that he cut a hole in 12″ of solid oak, and his drill did not even get warm. Another user says that they are the best all-around drill bits they have ever owned. So, is this DEWALT DW1587 Spade Drill Bit Assortment for you?

Makita T-01725 Contractor-Grade Bit Set, 70-Pc

The Makita T-01725 contractor-grade Bit Set, 70-Pc, is an excellent addition to your toolkit. It is compatible with 1/4″ impact drivers and 3/8″ or 1/2″ driver/drills and made from S2 modified steel and heat-treated for longer life. This bit set is a must-have for any professional or DIYer. The set includes three small drill bits, a medium drill bit, and a large drill bit. This bit set is ideal for professionals working with wood, masonry, plastic, metal, aluminum, or anything else that needs to be drilled.

The bits are high-speed steel, making them perfect for drilling into materials that typically dull drill bits quickly. The bits are designed for both through and plunge-style drilling. Plus, it has a magnetic bit holder that will prevent screws from falling. You’ll also find this tool’s four screwdrivers that are designed to give you the most efficient retention. The set is also available in a 20-piece collection, which is an excellent value for the price. The bits feature a 17-degree tip angle and are heat treated for extra durability.

I like this set of screwdriver bits, but there are some minor problems. Bits don’t easily come off the enclosing section, and many users said that the bits weren’t sharp enough. If the brand could fix these two problems, this unit would make an excellent possession for do-it-yourselfers and professionals.

PORTER-CABLE PC1014 Forstner Bit Set

The Porter-Cable PC1014 Forstner Bit Set includes standard sizes from 1/4 to 2 Inches, optimized cutting angles for flat bottom holes, and a loose tooth design for clean, fast holes. This product is made for durability and long life. The Porter-Cable PC1014 Forstner Bit Set, 14-Piece, is highly recommended to you. It is very durable and sturdy. If you are looking for an item that will last for a long time, this one is the best choice.

The bits have hardened steel tips and a ceramic-tipped design. These woodworking drill bits are all-purpose but work well with most woodworking projects. They’re a great option for a novice or a professional. Each hole can be used for many different things, from necessities to complex patterns. The bits come in a set of 14 pieces. They include 4-1/4, 1-3/8, 3/8, 7/16, and 1/2 inches. They are all ground to perfection and marked with standard shank sizes.

I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but the bits, by their arrangement inside the case, generate a lot of heat, which causes them to become dull. Hence, you will have to re-sharpen them regularly to keep them sharp.

Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set

No matter how skilled you are, this 29 piece Cobalt Drill Bit Set is the perfect piece for your toolbox. From 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch in 1/64 inch increments, this durable, heavy-duty web construction will have you drilling your way through anything. With their durable cobalt construction, this particular product will provide you with unmatched precision. With an impeccable design, it is perfect for you to complete your most challenging tasks. Even with its most difficult of steel, drill bits will have no trouble penetrating it.

These 135-degree split points drill bits are perfect for driving through tile, brick, wood, or other hard surfaces. They require a drill to go through any tougher material that they need to. When you have a necessary tool for high heat that has been fashioned from the base material cobalt, a good drill bit is essential for drilling through a range of different materials.

You’ll also find that the reduced shank of the bits will allow you to work with more significant bits in an impressive chuck. And with the removable bit cartridge in place, you’ll appreciate the ease of carrying the tools around. On top of this, this kit comes with a rubber case that can store all the included tools.

Maintaining Your Drill Bits

Proper maintenance of your drill bits can significantly enhance their longevity and performance. Here are some valuable steps to maintain your drill bits:

  • Cleaning After Each Use: Clean the bits with a dry cloth to remove wood chips, dust, or any residual material. This prevents build-up, which can dull the bit over time.
  • Regular Sharpening: Drill bits can become dull over time and with regular use. Sharpening your drill bits will ensure they perform optimally. You can use a bench grinder or a drill bit sharpener for this purpose. Remember to follow the original angle of the bit during the sharpening process.
  • Proper Storage: Storing your drill bits properly can prevent damage and unnecessary wear. Please keep them in a case or holder where they won’t rub against each other. Keeping them in a cool and dry place is also advisable to prevent rust.
  • Lubrication: Some drill bits benefit from occasional lubrication. This reduces friction during use, increasing the lifespan of the bit. However, you should ensure that any lubricant is cleaned off after use to prevent residue build-up.
  • Inspection: Regularly inspect your drill bits for any signs of damage or excessive wear. If a bit is chipped or cracked, it’s best to replace it, as it could break during use and cause injury.

Following these maintenance steps, you can keep your drill bits in top shape, always ready for your next woodworking project.

Tips for Effective Wood Drilling

When it comes to drilling into wood, a few helpful tips can make the process smoother and more efficient:

  • Pre-drilling Pilot Holes: It’s often helpful to drill a smaller pilot hole first before drilling large holes in wood. This provides a path for the more significant bit to follow, helping to prevent the splitting or cracking of the wood.
  • Appropriate Speed: The drilling speed should match the drill bit’s type and size and the wood’s hardness. Typically, more significant bits and harder woods require slower speeds. In comparison, smaller bits and softer woods can be drilled at higher rates.
  • Apply Consistent Pressure: Apply consistent, moderate pressure when drilling. Excessive force may cause the bit to get stuck or the wood to crack. Let the drill bit do the work rather than trying to force it through the material.
  • Regularly Clear Debris: It’s crucial to periodically pull the bit out and clear away chips and sawdust. This prevents the bit from overheating and helps maintain a clean cut.
  • Use a Backing Board: Place a backing board behind the workpiece if drilling through the wood. This helps prevent blowout or splintering on the backside of the wood.
  • Safety First: Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris. A dust mask is also recommended if you’re generating too much dust.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you drill, the more comfortable you’ll become with selecting the right drill bit and drilling speed, understanding how the drill feels, and knowing when to adjust your techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I use the same drill bit for all types of wood?

A1: Not all drill bits are suitable for all types of wood. Hardwoods usually require bits made of sturdier material, like carbide, to cut through effectively. Softwoods, on the other hand, can be drilled using HSS bits.

Q2: How often should I sharpen my drill bits?

A2: The frequency of sharpening your drill bits depends on how often you use them and the material they are made of. Generally, sharpen them whenever you notice a decreased performance or difficulty in cutting.

Q3: How do I know if my drill bit is dull?

A3: A dull drill bit may produce rough, splintered holes, may cause smoke due to excessive friction, or may require you to apply more force than usual while drilling. Visual inspection can also help – a sharp bit has transparent, defined edges.

Q4: What should I do if my drill bit gets stuck in the wood?

A4: If your drill bit gets stuck in the wood, reverse the drill’s direction and slowly pull it out. Please do not force it, as this might break the bit or damage the wood.

Q5: What safety precautions should I take while drilling?

A5: Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris. A dust mask is also recommended if you’re generating too much dust. Always ensure your work area is clean and free of obstructions and that your workpiece is securely clamped or held.

Final Words

Now that you have read the entire article, finding the best drill bits for woodworking should be easy. You won’t find a better resource on the web for all of your drilling needs.

Anyway, now it’s time for you to choose the one that you think fits the bill perfectly. Let us know how you found our recommendations to be.

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