Annually there are innovations and advancements in the technology of the tools made. There is a need for increased run-time, power, durability, and reliable tools in the market. The modern 18 volts powered drill has a better performance compared to the corded drills.

Tool renovation and innovation continue and will continue to grow with time. Tools are very interesting to use. Apart from power, there are some other factors to consider when we are comparing the 12v vs 18v drill.

12v Vs 18v Drill

1. Introduction

I. Small motors

12v drills have small motors and hence are not as powerful as other drills. Such drills cannot perform heavy-duty tasks. Therefore, identify the task before settling on any drill.

II. Lightweight

12-volt drills are lightweight; hence can be used in crawlspaces or attics. They are also great for those who work with their arms extended.

III. Small in size

When it comes to transportation, 12 v drills are easy to transport. They occupy little space and can easily fit in your toolbox. Also, it can be packed together with other tools such as saws. Additionally, 12 v drills have a smaller footprint.

IV. Low voltage

Unlike other types of drills, 12v drills tend to have a low voltage. They are suitable for light-duty work or other minor work. They hold a charge for a short time.

18v Drill

3. Key Features of The 18v Drill?

I. High voltage

18-volt power tools hold a charge for a long time; hence work for longer periods. They have a high voltage of 9.0 amperes. This makes them suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

II. Charge time

Due to its high voltage, the 18 v drill takes a long to be fully charged. In case the charge gets over when you are still working, there are high chances you will have to postpone the work.

However, there are chances that the 18v volts will have faster charging rates after the implementation of multiple charging technologies.

III. Battery

18v drill has a large battery power capacity. This enables the battery to sustain a charge for a long time. This makes it convenient to use, even in rural areas with no source of power.

IV. Power

Unlike the 12v vs 18v, drills are powerful. They can handle heavy-duty tasks very well. Some carpenters go in for 18-volt drills because of their power.

4. When You Should Go for a 12 V Drill?

12-volt power tools are manufactured to suit different types of tasks. 12 v drill is best to use in crawlspaces or attics.

Due to its lightweight, it best suits those who work with their arms extended. This prevents getting tired easily.

These machines can well handle all lightweight tasks.

5. Who Needs a 12V Drill?

12v drill is a low-voltage device made for specific tasks. It stores little power and hence cannot be used for heavy tasks.

For DIY users, this can be a great tool to invest in. It is affordable and can handle little tasks effectively.

Due to its small battery capacity, it charges faster and hence cannot be used for urgent tasks.

For those who work in places such as attics or crawl places, this is the right tool.

Also, those who work with their arms stretched should purchase the 12v drill. This is because it’s light in weight, therefore preventing the user from fatigue.

Mobile workers can also purchase this device. It’s small in size and hence can be easily transported alongside other necessary tools.

6. Is a 12v drill enough power?

Homeowners will enjoy this type of drill because they are usually used for general household tasks. They are also helpful when doing tasks around the house.

This drill’s chucks are typically 3/8 inches, a standard size for this type of drill.

A reliable 12V cordless drill/driver will not have difficulty driving 3-inch deck screws or drilling holes with sharp spade bits.

Using a 12V drill with hole saws or large auger bits is just asking for problems.

I. Seven Benefits of 12V Drill over 18V Drill?

  • It is light in weight. It weighs approximately 2 pounds.
  • Contains two-speed modes.
  • It has LED light; hence you can use it in dark places.
  • Some 12 v drills have two batteries.
  • 12 v drills have the best and most modern clutch settings in the market.
  • The package comes with a charger and case included.
  • It is affordable.

II. Things are not as good as Compared To the 18V Drill

  • Works for fewer hours.
  • Less charging time.
  • Small battery capacity.
  • It’s less powerful compared to the 18v drill.
  • Lighter than the 18 v drill.

III. Quick Tips

Always check on new tools and advancements in tools. Ensure you choose the best drill. One that well suits your tasks. Remember that small drills do not have enough power to drill through dense material.

7. When You Should Go for 18v Drill?

When you want a tool with more power, you can go in for the 18v drill. This powerful tool can drill through different types of dense materials. If you want to own a single drilling tool, then an 18v drill is the best.

I. Who Needs 18V Drill?

18v drills are popularly known for their power and ability to keep the charge for longer periods.

Regarding the 12v vs 18v drill comparison, In my opinion, you should go for an 18-volt drill. 18-volt tools have a high voltage meaning that they have a large battery storage capacity.

This makes it a bit heavier. If you are working in an area with no power, I recommend you buy the 18v drill.

This device stores charge for a long time; therefore, no need to recharge frequently. If you need more power to drill through dense materials such as metals and hardwood, I recommend buying the 18 v drill.

II. Benefits of 18V Drill over 12VDrill

  • A great tool to invest in.
  • It contains a lot of torque.
  • Has the best screw gun.
  • Good for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Keeps charge for a longer time.

III. Things are not as good as Compared To the 12V Drill

  • Heavy.
  • Occupies a large space.
  • It tends to be quite expensive.
  • It takes a long to charge.

IV. Quick Tips

Ensure you follow the manufactures instructions to avoid accidents. This device contains more power. Go through the internet to make a wise decision when buying such devices. Dewalt DC970K2 18V is considered the best 18v drill.

8. What voltage drill should I buy?

Almost every homeowner will need a light-duty cordless screwdriver with a voltage rating of 4 to 8 volts and a drill with a voltage rating of 12 to 18 volts.

While a high-power model can take on heavier work, a high voltage means a heavier battery with a high capacity.

9. Difference between 12v and 18v drill- Buying Guide?

I. Price

The buying price for the 18 volts drill is much more expensive compared to the 12 volts drill. The added power results in the increment and you know that good things are not that cheap. It is good for your demanding work and you have assured a long-term service with the drill.

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Price Inexpensive compared to the 18V drill Expensive

II. Size

Space is normally limited to carry your tools of work. If your tools are smaller they will fit in the little available space or the toolboxes. You can carry very many different kinds of tools for various types of jobs that you may encounter.

The bigger the tools the less you carry since space is not enough. With a 12-volt kit, you can carry a circular saw or a single-sided saw and it would ensure you won’t find any difficulties. When new jobs arise within your job and thus convenience and mobility are highly possible.

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Size Space is normally limited to carrying your tools of work Same as 12V Drills

III. Weight

The 12 volts drill is lighter than the 18 volts drill. If you find that most of the jobs you do your hands are lifted above your head, it is highly recommended to use the 12 volts to avoid straining so much and getting tired easily. The 18 volts drill is suitable when the level of working is not above your waist level.

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Weight Light Heavier than 12V

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IV. Power

It is quite obvious that the 18-volts drill is more powerful than the 12-volt. Sometimes as a carpenter, you will not need all that power in the 18-volts drill and the 12-volts drill will come in handy.

The 12-volt drill will do all your work perfectly. The Lithium-ion technology has developed a 12v model which is as powerful as the earlier 18 volts battery.

However, for heavy-duty tasks and large amounts of work, you need the 18 volts drill which is suited for such heavy-engaging jobs.

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Power Less Powerful Powerful than the 12-volts

V. Battery

The 18 volts drill has a battery that has a larger charge storage capacity than the 12 volts drill one. It requires storing more charge to sustain the drill at work. By storing charge the battery gives the user long working hours thus making it convenient for use even in the area without electric power.

Comparison Table: 12V And 18V Drills On Battery Power

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Battery Power Less battery power capacity Larger battery power capacity

VI. Charge Time

The 12 volts drill has a lesser charging time compared to the 18 volts battery. Unless you are patient enough the 12 volts drill will remain advantageous in having a fast charging time.

When the multiple charging technologies will be implemented in an 18 volts drill it will have a faster charging time and may also dominate over the 12 volts drill.

If you are working and the battery charge is over, for the 12 volts it will be more convenient as it will charge faster and enable you to get back to your work faster.

The 18 volts drill will take pretty long and even may lead to a lack of completion of the work and if the work was urgent you will be messed up.

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Charge Time Lesser charging time Larger charging time

VII. Working Hours

Whenever given the same task, the 18 volts will work for much longer hours before being rendered powerless drill. The 12 volts drill will not last as long as the 18 volts.

This difference is brought about by the difference in voltage capacity where the 18 volts drill has 9.0 amperes and the 12 volts drill has 6.0 amperes. The tool, 18 volts drill will be heavier.

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Working Hours It Will did not last as long as the 18 volts Work for longer hours

VIII. Convenience and mobility

Convenience and mobility are factors to consider when you want to purchase a drill. This is because as a carpenter you might find that you’ll have to move from place to place working.

With this in mind, you will need a lightweight pack of tools that are easy to carry and will be suitable for the limited space you might have. This makes the 12 volts drill much more suitable than the 18 volts drill to suit your mobile work.

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Convenience And Mobility Almost the same as 18v Almost the same as 12v

IX. Lifespan

Basically, the 12 volts and the 18 volts drill are both built to serve you for a long and ensure that you don’t get back to the shop to buy the same drill. The parts used in making it are of good quality to ensure your long-term service.

Comparison Table: 12V And 18V Drills On Convenience And Mobility

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Lifespan Almost the same as 18v Almost the same as 12v

X. Durability

The durability of a tool is the main consideration to table down when choosing the best tool for purchase. The 12 volts drill together with the 18 volts drill is made using high-quality materials to ensure durability.

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Durability Made using high-quality materials Also made using high-quality materials

XI. Ergonomic Handles

Drills are normally handheld. You will need a drill with handles that are comfortable for your hands and ensure they are safe. Ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold and will protect your hands from blisters and other friction injuries.

Name 12V Drills 18V Drills
Ergonomic Handles Normally handheld Normally handheld

10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I. Is 12v enough for a drill?

Yes, the 12 v drill is enough for a drill. However, such devices cannot drill through dense materials.

II. 12v or 18v drill for home use?

When comparing a 12v drill vs 18v, a 12-volt tool has a lower wattage, yet a longer run time. In this day and age, few will turn down the joys of an 18-volt tool. The extra torque and power will make anyone ecstatic to use it. The choice for any product other than a drill, impact driver, small saw, Etc, will usually be based on the project.”

III. What volt drill is best?

All Volt drills are good. In my opinion, I prefer the 18v drill as it has more power and can handle several tasks.

IV. Can a 12v drill go through concrete?

I don’t think so.12v drills can only drill through light materials. Therefore, you will use a lot of energy and even end up destroying your drill.

V. Will an 18v drill through bricks?

Yes, 18v drills are perfectly designed to drill through dense materials and light ones.

11. Conclusion

After reading the above discussion of 12v Vs 18v, What you choose will depend on your preference. As a carpenter, joinery and fitting work is one task you cannot evade at any time.

You need the best tools to ensure you give your customers the best products and designs to keep you up in the game.

There is a need to always check on the newest and latest innovations in new tools in the market that comes with advancements, which may make your work easy and even give it a better taste with fewer difficulties.  

The 12 volts and 18 volts drills will surely suit your drilling work. For tough and larger tasks the 18 volts will be very suitable to handle such.

They are built to ensure that you will not only produce good results but also makes you enjoy the work.

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