DEWALT Dcd777c2 Vs Dcd771c2: 5 Facts Explained!

Searching for the best drill can be an overwhelming job. There are plenty of options to compare all with varying features and prices. It is great to look for a drill from a trusted brand like Dewalt.

Their products ate efficient and easy to use. Today, we will compare the DEWALT DCD777C2 VS DCD771C2 to help you decide which one is right for you. We focus on the features, metrics, appearance, and components.

Although they look the same from the outside since they are yellow and black plus similar components, they have distinct differences. These differences are what you are about to find out to have full awareness of when making a purchase.

DEWALT DCD771C2 VS DCD777C2 – What and Why

Both of them are 20V cordless drills that include two lithium-ion batteries for powering them at different time lengths. Although they have many common features and functionality, the specific measurements tell the difference between them.

The specifics are what will make you like or dislike one over the other. Generally, they are DEWALT cordless drills, but if you have to choose one, you need to find your preferences in either of them.

These are similar features: keyless chuck, 2 Li-ion batteries, speed variations, and handle design. You could say that the rest of the features are slightly or completely different, although they share similar concepts.


The Dewalt dcd777c2 review has shown that this high-performance cordless drill includes two Lithium-ion batteries for fulfilling your drilling needs.

It’s ideal if you need to go through walls, furniture, or metal structures, plus screws can be clamped with ease! Dewalt dcd777c2 20v electric input means it supports different applications too, so make sure not miss out on what this bad boy offers by checking our full reviews now !”

Key Features

DEWALT DCD777C2 has a brushless motor, also known as a synchronous motor because it functions with Direct Current electricity. It creates an electric current as an alternating current. The motor’s windings regulate the Dewalt dcd771c2 torque and speed of this device.

Therefore, unlike brushed motors, brushless motors have higher efficiency and are more immune to wearing out. The plastic keyless chuck measures ½ inches fits and loosens the drill bits effortlessly. The material may be too weak to withstand heavy-duty operations, but it can accommodate lighter tasks.

It has a high execution motor with 340 unit watts out to power the most demanding applications. Additionally, the 15 variable clutch styles make it simpler for you to drill with more compatible conditions. It operates with two variable speeds that progress from slow to fast drilling speed.

The no-load speed is at 0-500rpm, while the maximum speed is 1750rpm. Conversely, the reverse function comes in handy when unscrewing nuts and bolts from a structure.

About DEWALT DC771C2

In DEWALT’s dcd771c2 review, we found it the perfect brushed drill driver for those working in small spaces. Dewalt dcd771c2 20v Lithium batteries that allow you to go all out when working with this tool – no matter what material or object your task may entail!

Essentially, DEWALT DCD771C2 is for light-duty tasks that involve drilling through bricks, wood, metal, and prefabricated blocks; concrete is an exception.

Key Features

It has a weight of 3.6pounds that makes it simple to handle and carry. Additionally, the bag kit allows you to carry the drill, batteries, and charger to wherever you want. Also, a key factor as far as drill storage is concerned; it will have reduced exposure to dust and damage.

It has a brushed motor for high execution capability. Although brushless motors have a clean and smooth performance, brushed motors have a steady speed and torque.

The ½ inch single-sleeve ratcheting chuck offers firm drill bit tightening. Additionally, you can manually unfasten the bit without breaking a sweat. It has two variable speeds for alternating between slow and fast drilling speeds based on the task at hand.

The variable speeds operate from a no-load speed of 0-450 rpm and a full load speed of 1500rpm. With a 3-year warranty, you can trust the quality of the drill motor. It has 300 unit watts out operation capability to accomplish demanding operations.

5 facts to compare between DEWALT Dcd777c2 vs Dcd771c2

Fact 1 of 5: Cost and Warranty (Value for money)

Name Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCD777C2
Cost $99.00 $158.89
Warranty 3-year warranty 3-year warranty

Fact 2 of 5: Power and Speed(High-performing)

Name Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCD777C2
Power 20V 20V
Speed 1500RPM 1750RPM

Sub-Factor 1: Power Source and Maximum Power

Name Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCD777C2
Power Source Battery Battery
Maximum Power 20V 20V

Fact 3 of 5: Voltage and Chuck Type (Bit Positioning)

Name Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCD777C2
Voltage 300W 340W
Chuck Type Keyless Keyless

Sub–Factor 1: Wattage

Name Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCD777C2
Wattage 300 UWP 340 UWP

Fact 4 of 5: Batteries and Charging (Battery Life)

Name Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCD777C2
Batteries 2 Li-ion 2 Li-ion
Charging 2hours 2hours

Sub–Factor 1: Battery Cell Type and Holds The Charge

Name Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCD777C2
Battery Cell Type Lithium-ion batteries Lithium-ion batteries
Holds The Charge 5 hours 5 hours

Fact 5 of 5: Weight and Durability/Material (Ease of use)

Name Dewalt DCD771C2 Dewalt DCD777C2
Weight 3.7lbs 2.7lbs
Material Steel Steel and plastic
Model # dcd777c2

Reason To Buy DEWALT DCD777C2

If you want to get the value for your money after making a quite expensive investment, DEWALT DCD777C2 is the perfect tool. You will get a high-performance, light, and compact cordless drill that does not spare you its best.

Types of users who need DEWALT DCD777C2.

It is an all-level cordless drill because the light and compact structure fits a beginner’s priorities. The performance level is top-notch for a professional and anyone else working on drilling projects. Although you are limited to light-duty projects, DCD777C2 will perform a great job.

At the beginner level, you will try to explore the fundamentals of drilling, and a compact, light drill is your ideal partner. As a professional, the long-life batteries, which last up to five hours, will facilitate your project. The cordless drill is durable and will serve as a rewarding investment in the long run.

6 Benefits of DEWALT DCD777C2 over DEWALT DCD771C2 –

  • It has a brushless motor that provides high power to weight ratio, electric control, high speed, and low maintenance.
  • DCD777C2 operates at high speeds alternating between 2-speed variations; 0- 500 and 1750 rpm.
  • It is more compact since it has a length of 7.52ibchess from back to front.
  • Even though DCD771C2 is light to operate, DCD777C2 is way lighter with a weight of 2.6 pounds.
  • It is a high execution machine that has 340 unit watts out of operating power for various applications.
  • The 1.5ah batteries have prolonged charge maintenance; they can last you up to 5 hours.

Things that are not as good as DEWALT DCD771C2.

  • The keyless chuck is plastic with a weak forbearance for intense drillings. You could say that it is impeccable for freehand drilling, but it will last for a limited time.
  • The reverse speed button is in the way of your grip, which can be frustrating when you accidentally press it while working.
  • Although it uses a brushless motor, the torque is less than brushed motor drills.

Quick Tips 

  • If you have issues with charging the battery, push the battery in the charger until it clicks.
  • The best way to charge it is to insert it into the charger completely. When you did that, the batteries were charged up as expected.
  • Use the charger for smaller batteries; lower than 5Ah, or they are going to blow up.
  • Be patient with the speed-torque since it utilizes a brushless motor.
Dewalt model dcd771c2

Reason to Buy DEWALT DCD771C2

You should choose DEWALT DC771C2 when you are opting for a cheaper and user-friendly cordless drill. Since the entire model is light and compact, it makes it easy for you to handle your work. The ergonomic handle design is also an award mark for revealing customer consideration in their DCD771C2 structure.

Types of users who need DEWALT DCD771C2

Essentially, DEWALT DCD771C2 is user-friendly, therefore, I would recommend it to beginners in using drills. As a beginner, you will mostly focus on learning the basics of drilling. Since there is no rush, the variable speed feature and ergonomic handle will accommodate your learning speed.

Once you get used to using a drill, you can start working on minor projects such as unscrewing or screwing bolts. Try this on a softer surface such as wood because it’s easy to drill through. This cordless drill can hold you off even in your intermediate years of surface drilling.

5 Benefits of DEWALT DCD771C2 over DEWALT DCD777C2

  • The ergonomic handle is more comfortable to handle even in the most difficult positions.
  • Having an LED trigger lighting system illuminates dark corners and sections that require accurate drilling.
  • With a durability customer rating of 4.9/ 5.0, you can expect the power motor to remain unchanged after prolonged use.
  • It includes a sturdy keyless chuck for direct chuck fastening with manual force.
  • Although Dewalt DCD7771C2 andDCD777C2 share common features, DCD771C2 is cheaper than DCD777C2.

Things That Are Not As Good As DEWALT DCD777C2

  • It has low battery endurance; the batteries are of low quality that makes them exhaust operation after a short period. Once the first battery stops operating, the second one cannot sustain you.
  • It does not include an extra bit holder that means you have to purchase additional parts in case of a malfunction.

YouTube video credit – Gear Guide

Quick Tips 

  • Do not force the battery on the charger.

Dewalt DCD771C2 VS DCD777C2 Who Is The Winner?

Based on performance, my pick would be DCD777C2. It not only has 10-power voltage but also 340 unit watts out operation capability. It is powerful enough to drive versatile applications such as drilling through wood, metal, bricks, and blocks.

Additionally, the battery life can go up to 5 hours of continuous operation. Although the torque-speed is not fast enough, a brushless motor is ideal for optimum control.

On the other hand, DEWALT DCD771C2 outdoes DCD777C2 on user comfort and compatibility. The ergonomic design handle is perfect for beginners and all-time drill users.

Apart from the fact that it is cheap, the compact and light features make your experience frustration-free. You may get disappointed by the inconsistent battery operation, but the design is appealing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are corded drills more powerful than cordless?

Yes. Since corded drills are directly connected to electricity, they have unmatched power and endurance. Despite having the same variations, corded drills have the upper hand in each category; drill, hammer, and rotary. Cordless drills only use battery power, which is limited; thus can only handle small tasks.

What’s the difference between dcd777 c2 and dcd771c2?

DEWALT DCD777C2 is lighter, more powerful, and brushless.

Should I buy corded or cordless tools?

It solely depends on your buying requirements. If you want a powerful machine for heavy-duty tasks, I would recommend corded drills. However, in terms of flexibility and portability, cordless drills remain foremost among the two.

Should I avoid cheap corded drills and invest in better quality?

I honestly think that the correlation between price and quality is weak. This can only mean that cheap drills could have a better quality than more expensive ones. If it’s a question of price and quality, quality outweighs price requirements.

What voltage drill should I buy?

12-18 volts. This is the average voltage to sustain most activities around your house. Voltage lesser than this is suitable for minor tasks. A drill with a higher voltage will take on more difficult jobs due to its superior performance.

Does a higher voltage mean more power?

Yes, a drill with a high voltage consequently has high torque. Torque is the force that causes angular acceleration. When the force at which the drill rotates is high, the screwing speed is also high. This actively illustrates that a high voltage equals high power.

What kind of motor is in a corded drill?

Universal motors, which, according to their name, can be used on most hand tools, power tools, dryers, blenders, and many more. They are lightweight, have high speed, and are compact. They are uniquely designed for AC-powered devices that require a direct electrical connection.


This is where I take my stance after comparing DEWALT DCD777C2 VS DCD771C2. I support DEWALT DCD777C2. First, it is perfect for beginners and professionals.

On top of being light and compact, it delivers remarkable performance with 340UWP and 1750rpm speed.

Additionally, the brushless motor is more efficient and durable. It has won both sides of being user-friendly and delivers results.

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