Corded Vs Cordless Drill – Who Is Truly The Best And Why? (Updated)

When asked between Corded Vs Cordless Drill, which one will you choose? Well, whatever you choose, each is a reliable choice depending on your reasons.  When it comes to a corded drill in the market today, they are better choices regarding power. However, for convenience, the cordless drill is on the top of the list.

This has been a hot topic since the emergence of the cordless drill as the latest drill model. For how long do you need to use the drill? Are you near a power source? These questions will help you determine which drill model you will go for.

If you need to use your drill away from a power source, a cordless drill can be the best catch. If you need to work for long hours with a stable power supply, a corded drill is a real deal.

1. What Is A Corded Drill?

A corded drill is a tool that is used to drill holes in different materials like metal, wood, concrete, stones, or even plastic. You connect it to a socket for electric supply. This makes it very powerful. It has a cord that allows you to move to a certain distance to carry out your construction functions.

Key Features of Corded Drill:

  • Wired power tool, which means it has a cord.
  • Supplies power through an electric output.
  • Corded drills come in four main types.
  • Provides different grip options.
  • Connected directly with electricity, hence it has more power.
  • You cannot use them where there is no direct power source.

2. What Is A Cordless Drill?

A cordless drill is an electric tool intended to assist bore round holes, driving as well as fastening equipment together. It fastens tools like small bolts, screws, and nuts. Gets its power from rechargeable batteries. It is fixed with a hammer drill which is protected by a chuck.

Some cordless drills contain a clutch that helps in injecting screws into a variety of substrates with no damages caused. There are also right-angled drills that help you to inject screws in a stiff space. Cordless drills vary in clutch size, speed, and battery voltage.

Key Features of Cordless Drill:

  • Uses an in-built battery and provides various battery options.
  • Portable and mobile.
  • Wireless with the ability to drill into metal, wood, plastics, and concrete.
  • Provides various speed settings.
  • Inbuilt work light.
  • Ergonomic handle.

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When You Should Go for Corded Drill

3. When You Should Go for Corded Drill?

You should go for a corded drill where power and torque are two of the most important requirements. Apart from its higher power, corded drills deliver more consistent torque.

Therefore, where more reliable drilling and driving action is needed, you should choose a corded drill. It is more versatile and will, therefore, help you accomplish more and faster.

Who Need Corded Drill? 

Corded drills are very powerful, which also makes them more suited for larger projects. You can depend on a corded frill to complete a large load of tasks faster since you will not have to stop in between to recharge. Similarly, since it is lightweight, you will have an easier time operating it for a longer duration without getting tired. 

Users who handle large-scale projects will find corded drills more helpful, especially since they are powerful, lightweight, and more compact. These qualities also make it perfect for heavier or repetitive tasks, and when you want to get the job done.

For instance, you can use it for your masonry drilling. You can also use it with drill attachments such as a wire brush, which removes rust on metal better when attached to a corded drill. 

Users who work in their workshop or places where there will always be an electric supply should use the corded option. Whether it is a garage or anywhere at home where there is easy access to an electric socket.

Users who need constant and uninterrupted power, too, will find it very helpful to use a corded drill. Lastly, if your project has a strict and squeezed deadline, a corded drill can help you meet that deadline better.

6 Benefits of Corded Drill over Cordless Drill?

  • Corded drills are more powerful since they get connected directly with electricity.
  • More durable.
  • Lighter than cordless drills.
  • They are smaller and more compact, which makes them easy to handle.
  • Easy to use in tight spots.
  • Consistent torque as well as more reliable drilling and driving action.

Things are not good as Cordless Drill?

  • It has a cord that connects it to an electric power source.
  • It is smaller and more compact.
  • Drilling power is constant throughout the drilling task.

Quick Tips?

  • Choose a drill with a longer cord because it offers a wider reach.
  • Always be aware of the electric lead so that you do not trip over it.
  • Check lead before use to make sure that it is not damaged to avoid electric shock or worse accidents.

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When You Should Go for Cordless Drill

4. When You Should Go for Cordless Drill

The main benefit of a cordless drill over the corded counterpart is its high portability. You can carry it around even to the remotest of places to complete a project there.

Therefore, when there is no electric power source, you should resort to using a cordless drill. After charging the battery, you can complete a substantial amount of drilling work with it before the need to recharge arises. 

Who Need Cordless Drill?

Dues to its cordless and therefore portable characteristics, this type of drill is commonly used by handcrafters. They are easy to use, and more innovatively created such that it becomes easy for crafters to maintain a high level of accuracy and precision. In that case, you can depend on it to deliver high-quality work.

Users who handle projects in hard-to-reach places such as remote locations also deserve the best and most reliable cordless drills for their projects. For instance, some experts drill stones far away from a readily available electric power source.

In that case, only a cordless drill can help them complete their tasks. They can buy an extra battery that they charge before going to the place of work to use it as a replacement when the first battery runs out. 

Users who perform a wide variety of drilling tasks may need to possess both corded and cordless drills. That way, they can juggle between both types as they may find convenient. The supply of electricity is unstable when there is a blackout; they can use the corded drill. This makes their work easier and keeps their project uninterrupted. 

6 Benefits of Cordless Drill over Corded Drill?

  • Portable and mobile. 
  • More convenient than a corded drill.
  • More maneuverable.
  • Provides greater control and precision. 
  • Easy to store. 
  • Offer speed variety.

Things are not as good as Corded Drill?

  • It is less powerful than a corded drill.
  • The battery makes it heavier than a corded drill.
  • Less torque than a corded drill.  

Quick Tips?

  • You can possess an extra battery, which you charge to the fullest before you go to work.
  • Maintain the battery for longevity.
  • Recharge battery only after it is fully used up.

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5. Corded or Cordless drill – Buying guide


Corded Drills:

The corded drills are the most affordable. The affordability is one thing that attracts many individuals to the corded drill. It is a perfect option but you have to look at the features of each.

Cordless Drills:

Cordless drills come in handy at a relatively higher price. If you are ready to invest a good amount of money for a valuable drill, it is the best choice. However, you can still get affordable cordless drills in the market

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Cost Most Affordable Relatively Higher Price


Corded Drills:

When it comes to the size, the corded drill is smaller. If you have a limit on the storage and working space, a corded drill is the best. It allows us to use minimal space for storage and also work.

Cordless Drills:

For cordless drills, you have to invest in bigger storage space. The battery space makes the cordless drill bigger than the corded drill. Although it might not huge for certain individuals, the little additional size matters to some.

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Size A Corded Drill Is Smaller The Battery Makes The Cordless Drill Bigger.


Corded Drills:

The corded drill also comes with additional weight. Although it is not too much as with the battery, the cord also holds some weight. That makes the difference in weight not too much. However, cordless is heavier.

Cordless Drills:

The battery adds extra weight to the cordless drill. This makes them bulkier. It makes it difficult for some people to hold it for long continuous work hour which makes them prefers the corded drill.

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Weight The corded Drills Holds Some Weight Cordless Drills Are Heavier Than Corded Drills


Corded Drills:

As we said earlier, if you want power, go for the corded drill. The power of electricity offers is more. The most corded drills are powered at 110 Volts. That means it incorporates more power during operation meaning that the torque and speed are higher.

Cordless Drills:

The battery in cordless drills can’t offer more power than electricity. That makes the cordless drills less powerful. However, with new models, you can get cordless drills with an average speed

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Power Electricity offers More Power Cordless Drills Are Less Powerful


Corded Drills:

The corded drill would never apply a battery in its operation. All you need to do with corded drills is to plug in the cord in a power source and you are all set. Therefore you have to be near a power source.

Cordless Drills:

The cordless drill source their power from a battery. This might not provide power for a long time. However, with the upgrade of batteries to lithium-ion one, they are capable of holding enough power.

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Battery Never Apply a Battery In Its operation Cordless Drill Source Their Power From a Battery

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Charge Time

Corded Drills:

The corded drills require no charging time. As long as you are near a power supply, you are charged up to do your operation for as long as you want. Also, make sure that the power supply is stable. If there is power loss you have to stop working.

Cordless Drills:

For the cordless drills, you need to charge the battery to get power. The charge time of the cordless drill depends on the model. Some take too much charge time while some charges are up very fast.

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Charge Time Require No Charging Time Need To Charge The Battery To Get The Power

Working Hours

Corded Drills:

If you intend to use a drill for long continuous working hours, the corded drill is the real deal. Having electricity you can work for as long as you want with a corded drill.

Cordless Drills:

On the cordless drill side, the battery charge will allow you to operate the drill for some hours. After the battery charge dies you need to recharge it. This makes the cordless drill unsuitable for long continuous working hours.

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Working Hours You Can Work For As Long As You Want Battery Charge Will Allow You To Operate The Drill

Convenience And Mobility

Corded Drills:

For the corded drill, the cord limits you. Some have very short cords that make you work a short distance from the power source. The cords can also make operation confusing when it tangles.

Cordless Drills:

Having to work nears a power source will restrict you. For the cordless drill, once you charge the battery you have the freedom to work with the drill at a place of your convenience. You can easily move around with the cordless drill.

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Convenience And Mobility The Cord Limits You More Convenience


Corded Drills:

In corded drills the lifespan is constant.

Cordless Drills:

The issue of lifespan comes when you left the drill for long without using it. Will the lifespan depreciate? Remember that the cordless drill uses a battery. When left for long, the battery performance decreases even to a point that you need to replace the battery.

Even if you use it frequently the battery’s lifespan is short. They have a limit to the number of charging times.

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
The Lifespan Lifespan Is Constant 3-5 Years


Corded Drills:

You can consider the corded drill durable if you don’t intend to use the drill frequently. However, the corded drill tends to break down faster than a frequently used cordless drill.

Cordless Drills:

When it comes to durability, you need something that you will use for a long time without even repairing it. The durability of the corded and the cordless drill is almost similar. However, for the cordless drill, you have to replace the battery after it reaches the limit charging time.

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Durability Durable If You Don’t Intend To Use It Frequently You Have To Replace The Battery


Corded Drills:

The corded drills now incorporate new improvements to make them minimize operation noise. However not every model has this improvement. To be sure it’s better if you choose a cordless drill.

Cordless Drills:

The cordless drills operate quieter than the corded drill.

Name Corded Drills Cordless Drills
Sound The Sound Is More From Cordless Drills Quieter Than The Corded Drill

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you convert a cordless drill to a corded one?

Yes. However, it requires an experienced expert to make sure the conversion is safe.

Are corded drills more powerful?

Yes. They are connected directly to an electric power source that provides them with more and uninterrupted power.

Is it a cordless drill AC or DC?

Cordless drill motors are brushed DC, which is one of the earliest designs for motors. It is a magnet-based motor that requires direct voltage to make it work.

How many amps does a corded drill use

8 amps

7. Conclusion

In conclusion of corded vs cordless drill, what you choose will depend on your preference. The best thing to do is to determine what you want to achieve. With that, you will know whether to go for a corded or a cordless drill. It might not be easy but just compare your aim with the characteristics of the two.

You can also opt to have the two. It will be more beneficial because preferences change with time. However, whatever you choose, it is a great decision since each has its advantages. At long last, you will achieve what you wanted. If you need more information, we are always here for you.

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