Well, there are various types of reasons you would want to use a drill for your projects. Besides, with different types of drills in the market, you might just get confused about which one to purchase.

Additionally, it is essential to keep your needs in mind so that it helps in decision shaping. Moreover, this device can offer a lot of uses when it comes to handling projects.

Besides, primarily a drill will help you create perfect holes and enhance the connection of two objects. Additionally, this guide will give you insights into various types of drills in the market.

Different Types of Drills

What Is A Drill?

It is a tool that is handy when it comes to making round holes. Additionally, the machine comes at various sizes speeds, and powers, which works to enhance the functionality of the device.

17 Different Types of Drills, with features and uses

1) Hand drill

 Hand Drill

It is also known as an eggbeater and has a simple design that can easily make a hole in the material.


It comes with a ratchet that helps the tool to easily and quickly move without difficulties features a double pinion which makes the device smoother to operate and make holes effectively the device comes with a high-speed torque setting that enhances driving screws and drilling of smaller holes has a ball bearing head that makes smoother turning movements during drilling.


  • It perfectly secures bolts and screws.
  • Tightens fasteners.
  • It can also help to mix paint and joint.

2) Push drill

Push Drill

It is a pretty simple tool that can easily make poke holes in drywall or paneling. Additionally, the device is not compatible with sturdy material as it tends not to be that powerful.


It comes in a slim design which makes it is easy to reach the hard spaces without removing its battery tool is chuck-free to allow for quick inserts and secure bits with difficulties features a non-electric option that is convenient for small jobs.


  • It perfectly drills small holes into the material.
  • It is used to fix small screws.

3) Breast drill

Breast drill

It is a type of manual drill that useful functionalities purely rely on the strength of the user. Comes with a brace on the back which enhances its functionality.


It consists of a graded iron casting body to ensure durability offers two types of speed; is low and high-speed device comes with a wooden handle for convenient gripping features massive duty precision jaw drills for maximum drilling


  • It creates holes of different sizes in various materials.
  • It installs and removes screws.

4) Brace drill

Brace drill

It is mostly found in the woodworking industry. It comes with a U-shaped grip which rotates to producer power for performance.


Has a ratchet mechanism that allows the device to rotate only in one direction by oscillation device features a sweep handle that generates more torque has a U-shape frame which makes it is easy to chuck and drill into the wood.


  • It drills deeper holes in wood material.
  • It helps to tighten and loosen screws.

5) Cordless drill

Cordless drill

When it comes to a cordless drill, it means you need to ensure that you have enough battery to power up the tool for a long time.


It produces standard general-purpose drilling of about 12V and 18v for both light and heavy-duty works features an ergonomic handle that brings about comfortability when handling the tools the brushless motor is unique and adjusts according to the sense of resistance.


  • It makes excellent holes in wood and other surfaces.
  • It helps fix fasteners, and screws on surfaces.

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6) Corded drill

Corded Drill

It provides consistent power, and thus no worries about a lack of control when running your drills.


Has a variable speed that enhances versatility in drilling. It comes with a high amp which gives a higher-performing rate for heavy-duty tasksThe tool comes with a soft grip handle for higher retention power


  • It perfectly boreholes.
  • Helps in maintenance tasks at home.

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7) Reversible drill

Reversible drill

As the name suggests, it is used to reverse the action from clockwise to counterclockwise. It is not much of drilling; instead, it is just pushing screws into the material.


It is fitted with a sturdy grip handle that provides comfortability The tool has a fingertip with a fully reversible drive placed above the trigger for maximum functionality It comes with a contoured grip that is soft to give better control and comfort


  • It helps to drive in screws into the material.
  • Ideal for massive workshop tasks.

8) Impact drill

Impact drill

It is an excellent tool for heavy-duty works as it enforces some extra force when it rotates. Besides, it perfectly drills holes through hard knotted wood.


The device comes with a high torque which effectively drives screws and tightening nutsIt comes with a durable material body that can withstand frequent harsh working conditions


  • It helps fix screws into the material.
  • An excellent tool to use in hard to reach areas.
  • It is used to twist and untwist nuts.

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9) Hammer drill

Hammer drill

It performs while applying pressure from the back. The device is excellent for works like masonry.


It comes with a powerful motor that enhances active drillingThe device is versatile to allow for various drill options. It is heavy-duty and has excellent torque for performance.


  • It makes perforations on hard surfaces.
  • Drills into hard surfaces.

10) D-handle drill

D-handle drill

It is a traditional device that has a piston-like grip. It is a bit heavy with better user control.


The device features a power 8.5 amp that offers overpowering drilling It provides forward and reverses lever for convenience The tool’s weight is balanced to minimize fatigue.


  • It perfectly mixes solutions
  • The tool assists in pulling wires.

11) Rotary hammer drills

Rotary hammer drill

It is a device that is best known for massive duty works such as masonry.


It comes with a wired connection of power to provide enough power for performance It features a switch option to ensure safety Has a quality chuck for maximum functionality.


  • It bores big holes in materials.
  • Used in light demolition tasks.
  • It rips up ceramic tiles.

12) Pneumatic/air drills

Air Drill

It is an air-powered tool that is ideal for wood projects. It has enough space that allows for proper handling of the device.


It features both the reversible and hand forward option for better performance It consists of a key holder at its bottom It has an air exhaust that keeps the exhaust air far from the working area.


13) Drill press

drill press

If you are considering this tool, then I guess you are working on heavy-duty tasks. It gives spaces on either side of the device.


It offers a continuous screw that gives sturdy grip and control of the device It has a powerful motor that produces enough power for its operation. The device is enclosed in a durable material to ensure it is the last longing.


  • Used to enlarge cylindrical holes on surfaces.
  • It is used for reaming.
  • It is useful in tapping.

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14) Portable drill press

Portable drill press

It is a very light machine that you can carry around anytime you want to move.


It has horsepower that helps dig deeper holes in sturdy materials. It has depth stops that ensure consistency in drilling many holesThe device consists of durable material.


  • It is used for drilling upright.
  • Makes too many consistent holes.

15) Impact driver

Impact drill

It is a stubby tool with a shorter head and a unique mechanism to perform effectively.


It is small that allows it to reach hard areasThe device comes with hexagonal shaped collets which give accurate diameters.


  • Drives large fasteners.
  • It loosens large screws.
  • It helps to remove car brake drums.
  • Used to drive in threading screws

16) Impact wrench

Impact wrench

It is a great tool that is ideal in the automobile industry.


It comes with excellent rotational torque for effective functioning. The device features a hammering mechanism that changes the kinetic energy output into a shaft.


  • It removes lug nuts when changing tires.
  • It assembly automobiles.

17) Screwdriver drill

Screwdriver drill

It is a powerful tool that helps in drilling through walls and installation.


It is enclosed with a material that ensures it can significantly withstand harsh working conditions. It features a powerful motor that enhances drilling Its shape is ideal for reaching even the hardtop reach areas of your home.


  • It is used to fix switches.
  • It is used for installing and tightening screws.


Well, the above are a few drills in the market. Besides, if you are looking forward to getting a perfect drilling machine, then you need to invest your time in research. It gives you enough information on various drill tools in the market. Additionally, you will be able to understand each product’s features and purchase one according to your preferences.

Moreover, you need to have an understanding of the elements to help to shape your decision-making. I hope this article was of help.

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